mastodon admin troubles 

Has anyone managed to revive a mastodon account that suffers from this issue? (I'm on the latest version.)

Last night I tried the suggested hack to users.rb, used tootctl to modify the account I'm trying to reactivate with the --enable and --approve flags (the only relevant options) and spent some time hunting for where the security code is stored in the postgres database but I'm still locked out.

It's not a huge deal, I can easily make new accounts, but it would be kinda nice to reclaim my old one too... (I'm planning to use it as a secondary place to post things related to the project...)

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mastodon admin troubles 

If anyone else is just trying to recover one account, the security code is stored in plaintext in the database in `users.sign_in_token` (I was looking at all the accounts tables before, doh)

`select sign_in_token from users where id=<your id>`

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