Woah, I just went to the coop to refill my water jugs and their dispenser wasn't working. Weird, but didn't think much of it... until I got home and my kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower all don't work! I live a block from the grocery store and there is a huge setup underway at the nearby park for some summer festival... they might have borked the water supply?

I'll call my landlord in a bit. Nothing in the news so far... strange!



ah no problem thankfully. my landlord just decided not to bother us about it (lol) but they just shut the water off to install a new bathtub in one of the other units... the water going out at the grocery store at the same time was just a fluke. (and I just called -- it's working again there already)

really makes me appreciate the efforts of the water protectors. water is life.

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