I never much cared for museums - they feel like tombs. Where art goes to die.

The scene in Bande à part where the characters race through the Louvre to see if they can beat the previous record is nice.

The characters are all so alive (and involved in crazy things) what a great way to use a museum.

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@hecanjog I really enjoyed museum island in Berlin. It's sort of a meta-museum in a way. After my third or fourth museum, I began to appreciate the structure of the Museum more than what was inside it.

@paul Nice. :) My favorite part of museums is listening. There's a library-like hushed quality that's nice. (John Kannenberg has sort of made a career out of this, but to be honest I prefer listening in situ.)

For someone who never liked museums I spend a fair amount of time in them. Hopefully that doesn't qualify me as insane. :) (Doing the same thing over & over expecting a different result.)

My favorite museum experience was the Big Foot museum I visited once with some friends. The curator was dripping with life and enthusiasm for bigfoot. The museum was fine, but he was lovely.

@hecanjog Bigfoot museum eh? Definitely sounds intriguing. Maybe someday I'll find myself in the neighborhood.

@paul for sure :) I've stood in front of my fair share of Rothkos, hoping to experience the thing I'm supposed to experience... to be fair spending enough time in front of Ad Reinhardt and Agnes Martin has payed off, but it always feels despite the museum rather than because. The bigfoot museum was the first time I stepped into a museum and came away feeling like I'd experienced something.

@paul um, I should qualify this: "The bigfoot museum was the first time I stepped into a museum and came away feeling like I'd experienced something."

I mean it was the first time I'd experienced something alive. The utility for viewing the dead is apparent. This is fine. I like graveyards honestly. I don't really want to live in a graveyard though.

@hecanjog Fine Art museums are sterile by design. The whole point is to provide a consistently neutral look. "neutral" in modern art unfortunately seems to mean dentist office more often than not. And the "great aunt's estate" neutral look of more classical museums isn't quite my jam either. Still, I can't think of any better way to consume this kind of art.

@paul For sure. I wish art were just, everywhere in the world. I love to see the graffiti on the train when I walk through the park, I love having some drawings my friend made hanging out in my kitchen, I love visiting friends and seeing what they're living with. Instead we have advertisements everywhere, and a sort of fetishist worship of expensive objects tucked away into sterile museums. IMHO art should be everywhere in the world, not squirreled away into tombs.

@hecanjog @paul how do you feel about the museum of Jurassic technology? It kinda subverts the museum thing to different ends.

The rothko chapel is kinda interesting too, but the underlying capital sorta breaks the illusion.

@jonbro @paul I've never heard of the museum of Jurassic technology, I love the name though! I couldn't quite tell what it is about from a quick look at the website, I'd like to check it out if I'm ever back in that area.

I've been to Rothko chapel a couple times, iirc there was a sound installation by Steve Roden that was very nice... I seem to remember a more permanent sound installation just outside the building too? Am I imagining that? Activated by walking up to the building... I think it was fully mechanical, so no speakers... I want to say it was something Max Neuhaus did but I might have my wires crossed?

@hecanjog @paul I feel like there was a sound installation at the rothko chapel too, but I can't really remember.

you should def check out the museum of jurassic technology if you are around culver city... its very much worth the trip.

@jonbro Cool, will do! (tagged as "california todo art museums awesome tour" in my bookmarks so hopefully it'll be easy to find when I finally start traveling again. 🙂 )


@hecanjog i actually really like museums. yeah, the culture around them can be a bit sterile and uppity and exclusionary, problematic in terms of how things get acquired and how things are displayed, and they def can play a role in artistic conservatism and upholding a canon (like orchestras and classical music) buuuuut

i have an obsession with reading every single dang sign and staring intensely at every single thing (and funnily enough i tend to play RPGs in very much the same way) and where normal people spend like a few hours, i can easily spend like 2 or 3 times that amount of time staring at things and whenever i go with people, they always get bored and rush me through (which i probably need anyways because i always run out of time)

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