I'm thinking about moving into a yurt, and the idea doesn't even feel weird, even if it probably will to everyone I know. Staring at a skydome could be a nice change after a lifetime of staring at a screen.

The "what if I moved into a yurt" idea I've been pondering for a while might become more than an idea. Turns out my folks are pretty supportive regarding this hypothetical project.

Now, this would mean lots of planning, finding a suitable and affordable place, getting in touch with the builders, with the bankers (ugh), surviving the whole administrative mess, building the yurt, then moving in... if possible in that order.

It's a bit daunting, but it's way more exciting than daunting.

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@hecanjog Hell yeah, I think it's the first ever I have a project that involves something else than games, music or computers :)

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