"residency for nature lovers" (copied & pasted from artistcommunities.org newsletter -- FYI!) 

* RESIDENCY FOR NATURE LOVERS: Oak Spring Garden Foundation (artistcommunities.org/residenc) (Upperville, VA, USA) invites artists, scientists, and humanities scholars with an interest in plants, landscapes and gardens, or the natural world to participate in their 2-5 week residency program. The residency provides access to 700 acres of landscape, a Biocultural Conservation Farm, garden, and library including art, rare books, and other works on plants, gardens, and landscapes. Apply by July 15. (artistcommunities.org/residenc)

Summer means the river park is flooded with young people and mini Ferris wheels and such.

Still, amazingly there is always a quiet place to sit somewhere tucked away from it all.

More and more of my workday happens in a notebook at the river now that's it's super nice out again.


ah no problem thankfully. my landlord just decided not to bother us about it (lol) but they just shut the water off to install a new bathtub in one of the other units... the water going out at the grocery store at the same time was just a fluke. (and I just called -- it's working again there already)

really makes me appreciate the efforts of the water protectors. water is life.

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Woah, I just went to the coop to refill my water jugs and their dispenser wasn't working. Weird, but didn't think much of it... until I got home and my kitchen sink, bathroom sink and shower all don't work! I live a block from the grocery store and there is a huge setup underway at the nearby park for some summer festival... they might have borked the water supply?

I'll call my landlord in a bit. Nothing in the news so far... strange!

This is me appreciating attention to detail in pyo, unfortunately I'm too invested in my own bullshit to use it regularly, but every time I look at the source I think: yes.

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I never much cared for museums - they feel like tombs. Where art goes to die.

The scene in Bande à part where the characters race through the Louvre to see if they can beat the previous record is nice.

The characters are all so alive (and involved in crazy things) what a great way to use a museum.

Took a little bit-twiddling detour only to find (of course) gcc is way better at it than me. So I'm back to good old modulo. :)

While typing the titles into abcde I was pleased to find that everyone's name on this compilation has exactly the same number of characters.

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spent the past few days trying to get this reverb working - it turned out I was misinterpreting the allpass filter - now that I got it, its sounding pretty lush:


(this is by keith barr, aka the founder of alesis, aka the designer of the quadraverb, aka the sound of 90s warp records)


Wow! I haven't had coffee in a few months. (This is normal, I go in cycles accidentally all the time...)

This morning the cool air (and a bit of Basho on the stereo) put me in the mind for a hot beverage.

Here's a quick prototype trial for an obi strip type thing I might use to hold a booklet on a forthcoming double tape release.

The cases I bought were cheap and they're decent, but there's no sleeve or latch inside so putting a booklet in there means when you open it everything likes to tumble out.

This seems a little nicer to handle.


This is the longest running generative thing I've ever done. More than two years of ongoing processing: phonography.radio.af/

(A cronjob processes a corpus of field recordings contributed by Samarobryn, Swhic, Michael Upton, Kim Rueger, Joe McMahon, myself and Anura forever and ever.)

I just tuned in for the first time in months and had to listen for quite a while before I could make sense of what was happening.

That is very welcome. I love being surprised by the software.

ligatures & linux 

This looks like a nice alternative, too: xyne.archlinux.ca/projects/uni

gucharmap did the trick for me though. silly ligatures, here I come.

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ligatures & linux 

Ah ha! gucharmap to the rescue. There you are, ligatures.

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ligatures & linux 

I suspect I'm still missing some context. The examples I've seen have more ligatures than I can see looking through every page of the xfd display...

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