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Piksel Festival is not over!

CEWG Exhibition - C Sunds Gate - Kulturhuset 2

Decoding Black Magic; Interventions in Infrastructure

Open every day 13-18h (apart from Mondays).

Private appointments available

email : piksel20(@)piksel(.)no

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RT @murpunktat@twitter.com

Today 5:45pm we will present http://mur.at and the #Paradigmenwechsel artistic program at @p1x@twitter.com Piksel festival Bergen. with works by @Fakue@twitter.com #Travel4U @audionomadist@twitter.com #planchette bot @azahara_cc@twitter.com #dreamingbeyondAI @FormatC_artorg@twitter.com @hacklab01@twitter.com http://21.piksel.no/presentations

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/murpunktat/status/1462372101642465280

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20:00 Tropical Rain Spiritual Cyberexperience, tacacocodin
20:40 10800Pixel, Kris Limbach
21:20 _ :: _ -> _ -> _, Alejandro Franco Briones
22:00 sainsŵn: test / pro-fi, sainsŵn
22:40 smosgasbord, tacacocodin
23:20 QFT, Jorge Forero

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You can come and visit us at Studio 207 tonight IRL for the closing night of the Festival!
Come and see the Exhibition for REBOOT ME SOFTLY and say 'ello!
If you can't come IRL, there are also concerts online and on your tellybox from 20.00!

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Day 3 of Piksel Festival 2021 - REBOOT ME SOFTLY

You can ask the artists questions for the Q&A on Twitch;
Pikselfliks: https://www.twitch.tv/pikselfliks
Pikselfliks LIVE! :
Piksel FRIKANALEN TV: https://frikanalen.no/

16:00 – 18:30 – SEMINAR: CEWG

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Decoding Black Magic show at Piksel festival, moments before the opening w/ @bengtsjolen@twitter.com @woolypixel@twitter.com @frescogamba@twitter.com @julian0liver@twitter.com @p1x@twitter.com https://21.piksel.no/2021/11/18/critical-engineering-working-group/

🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/k0a1a/status/1461378659617591296

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The 19th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies

– Wokshops.
– November 18th-21st, Bergen (NO)
Workshops Programme:

All workshops are free to attend.
To sign up send an email to: piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no


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analog Not analog

At the PIKSEL 21 festival I will explain what "analog not analog" is. This event is an online presentation.

Fri 19. Nov 2021 @ 6:15 pm Central European Time

The focus is:
* Live coding of animations.
* Mixing real world footage with generative elements.
* Digital feedback loops.


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FRI 19th NOV - 22:30 The Unsyncable, Wolfgang Spahn (DE)
IRL AV Performances / concerts @Østre @Pikselfliks@twitter.com-LIVE! @ Piksel Cyber Salon
Expand your horizon and sync beyond all limits!
Also join Wolfgang in his workshop `A Butterfly in an Analog Computer´..SAT 20th NOV 11:00

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Presenting `Island of Doubt´ and ´Sympathetic Motion´ by Berfin Ataman.

This year at Piksel Festival you can visit us in person, online or even on TV. Get involved 18th-21st November!

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`The Bug´ by Milton Laüfer & Nick Montfort is a single-page browser demo / digital poem / scream saver made for BrowserFest 2021. Oh and it glitches!
Nick also presents "☯" at this year´s Piksel Festival 18-21st November..
Get involved : piksel21(at)http://piksel.no

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To sign up send an email to: piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no !!!
The 19th annual Piksel Festival for Electronic Art and Free Technologies
– November 18th-21st, Bergen (NO)

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Do you need protection and fast? ‘Vending Private Network’ dispenses VPN’s for just a Euro, giving us the surefire protection we need navigating cyberspace.

This is just one of the installations you can find at this year’s Piksel Festival from 18th-20th November.

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Forget Satanism, church-burning and pig’s blood. That’s all just Disney..
The "Decoding Black Magic. Interventions in Infrastructure" Exhibition, by CEWG collaborating with Piksel Festival is exposing security breaches on our devices, in the form of artistic resistance.

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Here is our Performing Arts Workshop Program:
Piksel is proud to collaborate with Bergen Dansesenter. Workshops are between 18th-20th November.
piksel21(at)piksel(dot)no ASAP to attend. Places fill up fast.

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Piksel Festival is looking for volunteers!
If you are interested in how an online TV works, in setting up exhibitions, on doing online broadcasting, and want to help at the venues, at the concerts, handling the camera..., we want you 🙂

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Critical Engineering Working Group EXHIBITION
Decoding Black Magic. Interventions in Infrastructure.
Bergen Nov 18th - Dec 12th
Piksel exhibition

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