our can be downloaded, for free, and browsed .
for bulk download pick this zip full of torrents (seeded by Internet Archive)

or πŸ‘‡

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@rra should be ~20GB
is made by processed images and derivation (epub, ocr, etc) made automatically by internet archive.

the original scans (tiffs or dng images) are about ~1.5 TB, atm are kept offline

@grafton9 I'm not sure anyone else is seeding them, most are stuck at 0%

@rra i've tried some of them now and they are working (2~3 seeds). they are still stalled in your client?

@grafton9 yep most is still at 0% and a few < 100%. Its a seedbox so connectivity shouldn't be an issue.

@rra @grafton9 I just tried a few random ones and they all had at least two web seeds

@rra @grafton9 what client are you using? I wonder if everything supports "web seeds" three things I tried started downloading instantly (Transmission on macOS)

@liaizon @grafton9

"Our Torrents rely heavily on webseeding (download directly from our servers, when no peers have the files you are seeking). Some BitTorrent clients (e.g. rTorrent) do not support Getright-style webseeding, and will not be able to download un-seeded Internet Archive Torrents.

At the moment, the only solution to this problem is to use a different client."

guess who is using rtorrent :doge:

@rra @grafton9 mystery solved! Transmission is a great client if you haven't tried it.

@liaizon @grafton9 i use it on desktop indeed but on the server rtorrent is nice

@rra @liaizon thanks for investigating this. on server we usually use transmission-daemon + cli

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