this is our toolbox, for and digitization.

are you using something similar? let's talk!

* some flatbed scanners, A4 size, the cheapest available on the market.
* Vuescan for managing the flatbed scanners. not free software, not cheap, but worths the money. the image editing functions will spare you time
* a DIYBOOKSCANNER - not the newest version, the previous, made in wood. buyed a kit from a producer in Latvia, in late 2013.
* 2 cameras: Nikon 1 J4 (black)
* this script: a simplistic wrapper around gphoto2 for acquisition from the cameras

a bunch of bash scripts, using some of these tools:
* vips
* imagemagick
* jpegexitorient
* jbig2enc
* feh image viewer
* bagit
* ia cli

the biggest part of the job is done using scantailor-advanced:
it's a bit of pain to recompile on macos, but it works great.
cpu requirements are intensive, so sometimes we prefer to spin a temporary windows desktop in amazon aws ec2 just for the minutes of processing

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