a project I've been working on is going live this evening- 7pm BST. It's a p2p exhibition featuring new commissions from 12 amazing artists.
It's accessed over hyper:// and for the start this evening each of the artists is going to be the single host of one of the other artists works. You navigate around the works like a web ring moving between the different hosts. It has been a really joyful project, exploring a different protocol with a wonderful group of artists and orgs. Would love to know what fellow LURKers make of it if you get a chance to visit.

this is live now! still a few hosts looking after each of the works, so now is a good time to drop by:

@pixouls yeah, Beaker was a really nice fit for introducing some of the p2p concepts in a workshop setting. Some of the artists built the work directly within Beaker as well which was a really nice outcome. Unfortunately each page of the exhibition builds from two hyperdrives, which causes issues with Agregore. I'm not really aware of any other options for browsing hyper://

@ghostglyph This is so wonderful. I love temporary and location specific networks, the additional layer of hosting each other's work is really really nice.

@emenel thanks so much, hopefully you'll be able to visit later. Yeah being able to add that responsibility of hosting felt really important for opening up some ideas around care and how we move through these spaces.

@ghostglyph How is Daniel Sean Kelly's clock affected by a hyper mirror? Is this counted as somebody always watching the clock?

@despens there's a JSON file in the drive that records peers joining and leaving. These times are added together and then subtracted from BST. As the original drive is read only I'm not sure that mirrors actually allow that to update (if the original is offline). I think we need to update it so that each mirror produces its own record of time rather than a collective record. ((I could be completely wrong about this 😅))

@ghostglyph Ah I see, that means that the mirror I have set up may count as another user currently watching the clock... probably should stop mirroring that exact hyperdrive then... Really like the concept of that particular work, maybe it needs another platform/protocol to fully flourish.

@ghostglyph I have a Site Not Found right now. Is it seeded permanently or only when artists are online?

@raphael yeah sorry, it's going to be very patchily seeding now, whenever folks are choosing to seed it. I've just opened it now, so should mostly be online for the next few hours.

@ghostglyph @raphael this is cool! good thing i'm up in the middle of the night here in nyc. i was just showing beaker browser to my students this week and then noticed that they've stopped working on in september and announced they're moving on. sad.

i am now thinking maybe i should try 'curating' an exhibit as a webring (gem-ring?) on gemini.

@ghostglyph @raphael this also reminds me a bit of Taper by Bad Quarto: semi-annual computational poetry

@exquisitecorp @raphael yeah I think the web-ring aspect is really useful and carries over nicely into Gemini

@ghostglyph Thanks! I was able to visit all the pieces. That’s a great project.

@ghostglyph May I suggest to make static HTML and videos copies. This is all I got from my Beaker 1 collaborative netart project
I really like the fragile aspect of carefulnetworks tho.

@ghostglyph Two of dat:// projects I initiated are totally dead now. Months of work lost in the network’s abyss ⚓

@raphael yes, we're going to put them as an 'archive' on the html project website in a couple of weeks. The fragility of it is really important to the p2p experience but we're definitely keen to archive it in some way.

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