TIL: I was totally unaware that recent-ish LCD screens still suffer from (albeit temporary) image burn-in. Somehow I always thought my OS/WM/graphics card/driver has some seriously weird pixel buffer/compositing issues but today (when a boot selection screen burned itself onto the screen lol) it finally dawned on me that the problem might be a little more down to earth. :D

That's a first: I was just given an assignment to implement a generative PDF that includes content which, at the time of printing, will only be known in the future. The recipient of the document would literally pick up the paper and take it to a person with whom they would then have a conversation to conceive the sentence that was printed on their document 5 minutes before.

Which programming language has the best support for traversing the fabric of space and time currently?

Also very special thanks to everyone at LURK (and fedi) that provided input to my numerous research questions for the piece over the last year, I can wholeheartedly say that I learned a lot more here than I did working in/on the project itself — you people are awesome!

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I did not yet properly/officially announce my current game/theatre involvement: From June 19-27 in Vienna you can visit/play/take part in "Questionology — Programme for Applied Questioning", a hybrid game/theater environment at ZFF/Angewandte (Rustenschacherallee, Prater), where I am involved as the computer wizard/person (TM), sound designer and as a performer. It's free of charge but requires individual signup because of a very limited ticket run. brut-wien.at/en/Programme/Cale It's going to be something very special, we have a great crew, cast and venue and I am pretty positive that participating will be a fantastic experience for everyone. At the same time this is probably the last time in a long while that you will see me doing anything within (institutional) art, I'm just tired of all the egos, exploitation and whimsical nonsense in the space. Also I'll be finally back hacking on libre software again, starting july when I've got my life back. Can't wait to get back to work then!! \o/ See you then or at the questionology performances in two weeks! <3

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2 weeks to premiere in the immersive game/theater production I've been involved in for a while now. On a personal level this has been highly educative (i.e. lots of disappointment and anger but also the experiential rewards of overcoming very rough spots by speaking up for oneself). This weekend I created some free space for myself to revel in designing these generative barcode stickers used in the production, and I'm really happy how they turned out. EAN-13 clipped against an iconic shape from the venue (which scans fine btw.! :)), generated as inline SVG with javascript in a browser DOM. The markings on the sides indicate the encoded value in a semi-hidden but easily human-readable form as a debugging aid for the live performance setting.

Dokuempfehlung: Der alphabet-film.com/ von Erwin Wagenhofer ist ziemlich super. (läuft z.b. auf flimmit: flimmit.at/alphabet/assets/126) Ich hab meine Zeit an Pflichtschulen, Musikschule und im Studium nicht per se als negativ oder unangenehm in Erinnerung, aber der Film zeigt gut auf wie die gesamte gegenwärtige Konzeption von Bildung uns alle systematisch einschränkt und verhindert dass wir ohne Druck und ohne Zwang die Menschen werden können die wir wirklich sein wollen.

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Finally got around to writing down some audio programming tips for the musically inclined trying to learn, based on my own personal experiences and struggles learning how to do it myself: pbat.ch/wiki/audio_programming

Great pointer received from @ajroach42: The Small File Media Festival - smallfile.ca/ (2021 edition is taking submissions until june 4th btw.!)

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Are there interesting examples on the web for deliberate extreme video processing/compression techniques that address the ever-growing ecological impact of video streaming?

I'm specifically looking for general purpose approaches that use ubiquituous tech (e.g. gif, h264 coding, ascii video), not patent-pending AI facial reconstruction tech or handmade ASCII movies ;) - although if you have some completely out-of-the-box thoughts on the topic I'd be very curious to hear about them too!

Bin letztens beim Leinerkaufhaus in Wien vorbeigegangen, dass gerade abgerissen wird, damit der Benko und seine Freunderln ihr neues Kaufhaus hinbauen können. Das "alte" Kaufhaus (dass frisch renoviert ist) sah beim vorbeigehen so neu aus, dass ich kurz dachte Teile davon wären ein bereits fertiggestellter Teil des Neubaus. Aber falsch, die werden ja erst abgerissen. (Kurzer Abstecher dazu: Heute schreibt der ORF dass der Baubranche das Baumaterial ausgeht, Besserung nicht in Sicht.) Im Winter war ich fast jeden Abend auf der Mahü spazieren, jedes Mal lagen dort Leute (bei teils Minustemperaturen) in Schlafsäcken in der Heizungsabluft vom Eingangsbereich der geschlossenen Fast Fashion Ketten, weil sie sonstwo keinen Schlafplatz finden konnten. Wie auch, die frisch renovierten leeren Kaufhäuser brauchen wir ja zum abreissen und neubauen.

Österreichisches Kinostreamingportal vodclub.online: Für die Implementierung von Facebook/Twitter Share Buttons direkt auf dem Video Viewport war scheints Zeit und Geld da, aber Play/Pause ist b0rken :D ... Videoqualität beim ersten (allerdings auch visuell anspruchsvollem) Titel (Das Finstere Tal) eher mau (v.a. bei 5€ fürs Ausleihen eines Titels). Antwort vom Support für einen Registrier UI Bugreport + Feedback vor ein paar Wochen: Grillenzirpen.

Nichtsdestotrotz wie schön dass es das gibt. :) Toller Filmkatalog, Design voll in Ordnung, und man kann die Wiener Programmkinos gezielt mitsubventionieren. Ich bleib Fan und werd weiterkeppeln bis es dann hoffentlich bald nix mehr zum keppeln gibt. :)

Whoa I just realized that the Baywatch theme song is sung by Jimi Jamison (Survivor!) ... it's soo damn obvious but I just never even thought about it. xD

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Here's my favorite git feature that no one knows about:

You can reference commits using the commit message instead of the hash. The ":/" syntax accepts a regex that matches any part of the commit message, returning the youngest matching commit.


🐦🔗: https://twitter.com/offlinemark/status/1387833240321417222

@fortifieduniverse @viennawriter @maikek @hanser @le_ArthurDent Mostly success! Switch was largely unstuck within 30 or so seconds of applying IPA while toggling the switch. It's not back to mint condition, in fact while writing this the key action got more rigid again, but I can use the key again for now, that's the critical success anyhow. :) Thanks again everyone for replying and boosting, you helped me out a great deal! \(^ヮ^)/

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I added liqueur to my mechanical keyboard and managed to clog up one of the switches (which can only be soldered out for separate cleaning) ... are there any ninja tricks to de-clog a switch without taking it out? I'm vaguely pondering if I could heat up the switch (and surroundings) with a hairdryer so the goo maybe liquifies again and flows out? But maybe this is both futile and dangerous in that other parts start melting or deforming that shouldn't :D

Box select by partial intersection is coming in Inkscape 1.1 as I just discovered in the draft releases notes [1], aaawesome. \(^▽^)/ In general there are a number of exciting additions in 1.1 and the Release Candidate is out now [2] for public testing!

[1] wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.p

[2] mastodon.art/@inkscape/1061793

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In there really is no way to have box select (dragging a rectangle to select objects) behave such that a partial intersection of the selection rectangle with the object('s vertices) includes it in the selection, is that right?

(Background: I always struggle with inkscape's box select behavior, but for years thought there is probably a toggle somewhere and I will look it up someday when I'm not lazy, and now someday has come and it's beginning to dawn on me that maybe there really is only the default box select behavior /o\)

China-focused dutch documentary filmmaker Ruben Terlou has released his fourth series "The World of the Chinese" in which he travels places where large communities of chinese reside abroad to make a living e.g. in huge chinese infrastructure projects sold to foreign countries. Super interesting and tells a lot about global development through very personal and touching stories.

It's presently available to stream on ARTE in french (arte.tv/fr/videos/RC-020604/ch) and german (arte.tv/de/videos/RC-020604/ch), and possibly elsewhere that I don't know of. :) Warmly recommended!

I'm never quite sure whether the fact that I'm writing brute force algorithms to solve logical puzzles is a sign of me being smart or just a testament to cognitive stagnation and lazyness in me. xD

Somehow it always feels like me being impatient and reaching for crude measures instead of actually studying and learning something that helps me solve the problem in another domain?

idk ... ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌

(the one solved here is the eight queens puzzle btw.)

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