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Carbon neutrality 

It really gets me that all those big companies claim to be carbon neutral but meanwhile they keep on fueling consumerism which causes huge amounts of emissions through the sales of their products and services.
Put it differently, these companies simply ignore the externalities resulting from their existence and their drive to maximise revenue.

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Carbon offsets 

Also, that carbon neutrality is mostly achieved by buying carbon offsets which is at best a very limited resource and at worst a total scam:
* Even if it would work as well as possible, the earth’s land ecosystems can only hold enough additional vegetation to absorb 40 - 100 GtCO₂e from the atmosphere.
* Once this additional growth is achieved (and that takes decades), there is no capacity for additional carbon storage on land.
* The world emits 55 GtCO₂e into the atmosphere per year. So all we can offset is 2 year’s emissions at most.

So even if it would work (but zero evidence so far), offsetting is not a sustainable solution: it is too little and too late because we need to cut emissions dramatically (by 40 GtCO₂e per year) in the next 20 years.

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The research findings on human energy expenditure ("calory burning") presented in this article are quite stunning: If this research is sound (and it sounds very plausible to me), mainstream/popular dietology seems to be working with some fundamentally wrong base assumptions. Σ(O_O) (thanks whoever shared this recently! lost track of the original post)

I just read that npm's package.json allows dependency declarations such as "mochajs/mocha", which is interpreted as a git repository on ... (drum roll) ... github. I was bewildered for about 10 seconds before I remembered that npm too is Microsoft's property (since 2020). This is fine. (;´༎ຶٹ༎ຶ`)

I took a small react-based "interactive document explorer" for eno that I wrote a while back ( and reimplemented it without react (using a similar paradigm, just vanilla and non-generic).

Factual findings: Slight growth in LoC, from about 240 to 280. Significant reduction in bundle size: 150kB less.

Assessment and conjecture: Imitating the react paradigm in vanilla takes quite some time and skill (but should be way easier from the second time onwards). My implementation is definitely less correct/sophisticated (no unique identification of tree nodes by key currently e.g.), very likely lighter on browser resources, maybe faster because it's lean and non-generic, or maybe slower because it's not been optimized at all. Finally, I'd assess the original react implementation to be easier maintainable, but the vanilla implementation in turn to be less dependent on maintenance (i.e. non-dependent on future react updates). Conclusion: I see some merit in this and will explore it further in the future. \o/

Code isn't entirely comparable, but you can check vs. if you are interested to get an impression.

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@freebliss I stood up a faircamp site where I'm hosting some of my music now:

Thanks for making Faircamp! Even if it is still in early development, it's usable enough already to pick up and run with. :)

@matt cdr looks neat! the world needs more domain-specific static site generators \(^ヮ^)/

On the news of Epic Games aquiring Bandcamp, and possible alternatives: As it depends entirely on my free time (and asides two weeks early this year I've in fact been struggling to make space for it for a while now) I can't make any lofty promises, but I will say that is still very much alive on my agenda. I received a lot of positive feedback last year (thanks again everyone) and with the Bandcamp takeover there's now more than ever a motivation to bring this towards an official release. Still: It's done when it's done, self-care and a healthy work mode come first. ( ◡‿◡ *)

A dark, speculative theory about Duolingo and the attention economy in 2022 

I learned my spanish foundational skills on Duolingo, many years back. Some months ago I returned to Duolingo to learn french. It has occured to me that these days Duolingo looks and feels a lot better, and more comprehensive. However, I can't stop wondering (or rather: worrying) if what has changed is actually that I'm now having more fun (the addictive kind) while learning much slower, as opposed to maybe having had less fun (the purely gratifying kind) but learning faster, years back when I learned spanish.

This theory would make sense from a business perspective, because for Duolingo to be profitable, users who are happily hooked (short-time reward incentives) to learning (and paying for it) for a very long time are clearly more advantageous than users that are chased through a tough but highly efficient (long-time reward incentive) and therefore short language drill.

Is it just my attention economy paranoia, or do any of you feel similar about this?

Big recommendation for "The Refusal of Work" by David Frayne. A book in which he portrays a number of people who in different ways and amounts have cut back from their 9-to-5 jobs in order to regain meaning, purpose, health and most importantly time for themselves and their loved ones. A quote on the back cover puts it well: "(...) should be read by everyone who goes to work every day, if they can find the time."

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Gerade entdeckt: Die Hochschüler*innenschaft der Technischen Universität #Wien betreibt einen #Mobilizon-Server:

So cool! :mastolove: #htu #TUWien

"To make the use of the web app even more convenient, guest access will be discontinued (...)"

Whose convenience? :eyeless_think: (credit to @entreprecariat for the critical inquiry technique :))

"The WEEE man, designed by Paul Bonomini, is a huge robotic figure made of scrap electrical and electronic equipment. It weighs 3.3 tonnes and stands seven meters tall – representing the average amount of e-products every single one of us throws away over a lifetime."

I'm currently venturing into some new experiments with "static dynamic site generation", where the bulk of the generated page is static html, but a tiny fraction of it is server-generated, albeit from code that was itself statically generated and deployed alongside the fully static parts ... (got it? :)) I've successfully employed this before with JS running on the page itself (trivial), a generative PHP script providing a minimal search API endpoint to the in-page JS (trivial too), and now I'll go wild with this and see if I can implement a payment provider interface that is statically generated in a language of choice. I.e. you can generate and deploy the site with a dynamic payment handling component running in either JavaScript, Python or PHP (or whatever the first options I'll implement will be). If you have any thoughts on that, or know of existing examples of this in the wild, I'd be very curious to hear it!

Tonight's epiphany: I'm finally going to try out scuttlebutt. [a peer to peer social network] ... In fact, I'm totally excited about trying it. It's been on my mental map for a long while, but seeing the "Scuttlebutt
Love Story" explainer video at finally turned my neutral, abstract awareness into concrete understanding and enthusiasm. Wheee I think I will enjoy this!

Branch Magazine Issue 3 came out in december! I have mixed feelings about some aspects/articles, but in general it's a super important publication for our current global situation (its tagline is "A Sustainable Internet for All" if you're entirely unfamiliar with it). Kudos to Green Web Foundation and everyone involved!

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I have done a little review of the recent scientific literature on emissions from proof-of-work cryptocurrencies.
I will write a blog post about this later but tl;dr:
- In 2021, the 4 major cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, XMR) were responsible for about 0.5% of yearly global emissions.
- Growth in emissions is about 1.5x-2x per year for the last 4 years
- For reference, the aviation industry is responsible for 1.9% of yearly global emissions.
- Emissions from aviation only grow slowly (30% over 5 years) so at this rate, cryptocurrencies will overtake the aviation industry in emissions in 5 years.
- If this growth factor would stay around 1.5, cryptocurrencies will use about 30 GtCO2e in 15 years, that is more than twice the global emissions limit to keep warming below 1.5ºC.

So the growth in emissions from cryptocurrencies must decrease dramatically to avoid disaster.

Lab-grown meat: Don't remember who shared this one (thanks a lot), but is a fantastic long read that rigorously takes apart the dream of cheap lab meat for the masses and puts it into perspective for the global climate emergency we're in.

The notion that our minds are able to solve complex problems while we rest - and some of them likely only while we rest - is incredibly powerful (and potentially a relief to people who tend to obsess about them). Ever since I learned this and found I can apply this even on many day to day problems, my work, and enjoyment of it, has significantly changed for the better.

An enjoyable primer on this (although specific to software design) is e.g. Rich Hickey's "Hammock Driven Development" (

NB: Being able to incoporate this in one's life is unfortunately in many ways tied to privilege. :unwanted_sad:

I really enjoyed reading this blog on minimalism recently: Lots of repetition and recurring motives, but in the end that's what it is - a simple philosophy with a myriad of habits, practices and things to apply it to, day by day.

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