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Typography: I frequently perceive fonts to be simply too wide. Somehow, for me, there is no limit to how (horizontally) condensed a font can be, but conversely, any font that exceeds a certain degree of wideness immediately looks cheap, unprofessional, (vertically) squashed ... in fact I literally perceive those as having been unproportionally scaled on the X axis from an originally good font.

... Is it just me? (*/▽\*)

The attached still (from a cinema documentary) is what triggered the question for me (again) - I trust whoever designed the titles probably does it professionally (i.e. no unproportional scaling accidents), and the cinematography itself is beautifully executed throughout the movie, but looking at the titles my brain just goes "this is wrong", while I simultaneously feel bad about thinking that way, I mean it's just a wide font, why isn't this ok too, when even extremely condensed fonts are to me as well? ... :D

Brought myself to play some piano amidst my increasingly stifling lethargy in this latest lockdown (◕‿◕。)

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This DuckDuckGo audit by @purism is a sobering read:

Remember that DuckDuckGo is venture capital-funded which means that they must exit—either become a publicly-traded multi-billion-dollar company (sell to the public) or sell to one of the incumbents.

(What we need is a publicly-funded but independently run search engine. The EU could create such a thing… if they didn’t have they heads firmly entrenched up Silicon Valley’s bumhole.)

HT @koherecoWatchdog

Neighbors across the street put up a large hand-written paper sheet in one of their windows. Although it's directly at eye level from my flat (and quite obviously meant to be read) I dodged reading it for the last two days - I didn't want to appear staring into their flat, and even harbored the (really quite silly) anxiety that it would say "STOP STARING – YES YOU!".

Today during a work call I turned my head to think and absent-mindedly looked out the window. The sign says "HAPPY EASTER".


Lately I find myself forced to dig deeper and deeper into the fabric of technical standardization (especially the awe-inspiring beast that is text - unicode). The weight of the complexity and implications one can find is nothing short of crushing and numbing. (+_+)

Our globalized software architecture is auto-pilot driving, overspeed, on a highway that is not even built yet, each passenger browsing through their own comicbook that paints possible destinations. Hardly anyone knows how they landed in their seat in the first place, some just woke up there and don't know life any other way, but in the end, that's how it is, that's where we are now, that's where we're going.

If there's even any meaningful conclusion to all of this, then I think for me it is a reinforced determination and conviction to as much as possible reject - or at least compartmentalize - complexity, to always ask "(why) do we need this?", "who benefits from this?" and to just generally advocate for the growing niche of small technology, even in the knowledge that in the global information architecture, "small" can only ever be a way of being and a direction, not an actual condition, because we're long past that point now.

Just received a newsletter and broke out into hysterical laughter. Super excited to find out how this Kafka UX (TM) experience continues.

Ethical & libre voice recognition tech question, very vague: Are there applications/libraries out there that fit the description "beginner-friendly, approachable, hackable"? Quality can be subpar! :D

I spent some 3 hours on research and my findings so far are that there are capable FOSS projects out there which address ML scientists (i.e. not me), and then there is which looks like a naive dystopic fantasy fulfillment with a pseudo-ethical facade (but I would love to be proven wrong about that).

Grosse Empfehlung für eine meiner Lieblingsproduktionen aus Österreich, dies jetzt _endlich_ online gibt: "EMPIRE ME – Der Staat bin ich!" Eine essayistische Dokumentarreise die verschiedene autonome Mikronationen quer über den Planeten besucht.

"We take Venice, today!"

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TIL: "(Database) sharding" as a term was coined, or at least influenced, by Ultima Online's game lore.

"(...) Garriott's production team attempted to mitigate this [game balance] issue by separating the global player base into separate sessions, and rewriting part of Ultima Online's fictional connection to the end of Ultima I: The First Age of Darkness, where the defeat of its antagonist Mondain also led to the creation of multiverse "shards"." (Wikipedia)

And a 7min video article where Garriott recounts it in detail:

Lately I'm asking myself exactly when and why did we stop using a:visited. Σ(O_O)

Ich hab heut mein Experiment gestartet, mich eine Weile wieder mehr mit österreichischer Film- und Fernsehkultur auseinanderzusetzen, also ganz banal gesagt einfach eine Weile kein internationales Streaming, sondern gezielt nur österreichische Produktionen anzusehen. Habt ihr Tipps und Empfehlungen was sich lohnt anzusehen und wie und wo?

Ich werd wahrscheinlich mal ausprobieren, aber zugegebenermassen springen mir kaum Dinge ins Auge wo ich mir denke "Wow super das möcht ich mir unbedingt ansehen" ... bei vielen Titeln sogar eher der Gedanke "Äähm, naja, lieber nicht." ... xD

Freue mich riesig über Ideen! :)

Hauling over some second order discourse from birdsite because I've missed it here on mastodon so far. :) This:

"wonder if the NFT discourse will finally allow us to talk about the ecological impact of making Pixar movies" --

I dropped a similar question at our PIXELvienna conference last fall, and it didn't really feel like $GFX_ARTIST even understood what the question was about (¬‿¬ )

Also there is a specific archetype of the usergroup visitor with the biggest, loudest, brightest gamer laptop present in the room whenever I host a Blender community event, and then they usually (while recounting their laptop hardware specs - at "RYZEN" they usually start to gleam) proudly show me what they rendered throughout all of last week, and in my head I silently go through all the nice things that could have been computed with that energy, instead of throwing earth resources at a bad shader in a bad composition in a bad lighting setup inside a non-existant artistic concept.

Today someone told me they're ditching their hairdresser because their hairdresser has recently proclaimed herself to be a "Friedensforscherin" ("peace researcher"), which means in addition to a haircut you would now get a ton of unsolicited conspiracy stories full of mistrust, paranoia and prejudice. I never really saw it that way before, but hearing this it occurred to me that the whole conspiracy chasing is a lot about arrogance and an incapacity to be humble and unassuming. There's people out there who dedicate their entire life to researching and understanding corruption of power for even just a single, solitary figure in history and probably still will tell you how little they know ... and then there's hairdressers-gone-peace-researchers who will tell you how everybody and everything on this planet functions in between trimming your sideburns and chit-chat about their dog. I wonder if there's more merit to gently confronting conspiracy theorists with that aspect of their behavior rather than trying to challenge the plausibility of their ever-growing house of cards ... (but I suppose, probably not :/)

Also there's now a --theming-widget cli option which injects a small overlay widget into all pages and with which one can interactively explore different color configurations for the visual theme - the configuration options are automatically generated as text and can be copied into the config file. (sorry for the weird video compression, wasn't meant to be an encoding glitch art video :D)

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Random faircamp progress excerpt: Added decoding (and thus waveform generation) for FLAC and WAV, experimented a bit with "waveform thumbnails" for the tracks of releases (might remain an experiment only), today added font customization (supplying custom files, default and custom system font stack options, etc.). I might make the system font stack the default, because environment, page load speed, non-latin scripts, etc., but let's see, in general I'm rather fond of bespoke typo choices and would rather eliminate other optional bytes on the page :)

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TIL: Take uncompressed audio with a sample peak not below -1.0 and not above 1.0, send it through an mp3 encoding/decoding round-trip, and it might come out with a sample peak below -1.0 and above 1.0 (!). This is (depending on encoding parameters) by design, and encoders expect decoders (or its consumers) to clamp/clip these peak overshoots themselves. Reality never ceases to surprise me with new intricacies where I didn't expect them. :)

Putting personal messages into a piece of code intended for use by a single specific person in a single specific situation. I feel like Dennis Nedry putting in "Ah-ah-ah! You didn't say the magic word!" in my code (which I've already done elsewhere, of course ;)).

Computing can be so much fun when it's not a constant mindless chase after disruptive mass products! <3

Threw some other albums at my waveform computation logic, and I must say I'm beginning to like this idea a lot more °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° The juxtaposed waveforms really add quite a unique graphical signature to the albums (even, or especially, with everything else removed), and somehow just seeing some of the curious waveforms totally triggers my curiosity to hear what's going on in those tracks. :D

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