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Ich hab heut mein Experiment gestartet, mich eine Weile wieder mehr mit österreichischer Film- und Fernsehkultur auseinanderzusetzen, also ganz banal gesagt einfach eine Weile kein internationales Streaming, sondern gezielt nur österreichische Produktionen anzusehen. Habt ihr Tipps und Empfehlungen was sich lohnt anzusehen und wie und wo?

Ich werd wahrscheinlich mal ausprobieren, aber zugegebenermassen springen mir kaum Dinge ins Auge wo ich mir denke "Wow super das möcht ich mir unbedingt ansehen" ... bei vielen Titeln sogar eher der Gedanke "Äähm, naja, lieber nicht." ... xD

Freue mich riesig über Ideen! :)

Otto Wagner's long lost original schematics for the Millenium Falcon

Hauling over some second order discourse from birdsite because I've missed it here on mastodon so far. :) This:

"wonder if the NFT discourse will finally allow us to talk about the ecological impact of making Pixar movies" --

I dropped a similar question at our PIXELvienna conference last fall, and it didn't really feel like $GFX_ARTIST even understood what the question was about (¬‿¬ )

Also there is a specific archetype of the usergroup visitor with the biggest, loudest, brightest gamer laptop present in the room whenever I host a Blender community event, and then they usually (while recounting their laptop hardware specs - at "RYZEN" they usually start to gleam) proudly show me what they rendered throughout all of last week, and in my head I silently go through all the nice things that could have been computed with that energy, instead of throwing earth resources at a bad shader in a bad composition in a bad lighting setup inside a non-existant artistic concept.

Today someone told me they're ditching their hairdresser because their hairdresser has recently proclaimed herself to be a "Friedensforscherin" ("peace researcher"), which means in addition to a haircut you would now get a ton of unsolicited conspiracy stories full of mistrust, paranoia and prejudice. I never really saw it that way before, but hearing this it occurred to me that the whole conspiracy chasing is a lot about arrogance and an incapacity to be humble and unassuming. There's people out there who dedicate their entire life to researching and understanding corruption of power for even just a single, solitary figure in history and probably still will tell you how little they know ... and then there's hairdressers-gone-peace-researchers who will tell you how everybody and everything on this planet functions in between trimming your sideburns and chit-chat about their dog. I wonder if there's more merit to gently confronting conspiracy theorists with that aspect of their behavior rather than trying to challenge the plausibility of their ever-growing house of cards ... (but I suppose, probably not :/)

Also there's now a --theming-widget cli option which injects a small overlay widget into all pages and with which one can interactively explore different color configurations for the visual theme - the configuration options are automatically generated as text and can be copied into the config file. (sorry for the weird video compression, wasn't meant to be an encoding glitch art video :D)

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Random faircamp progress excerpt: Added decoding (and thus waveform generation) for FLAC and WAV, experimented a bit with "waveform thumbnails" for the tracks of releases (might remain an experiment only), today added font customization (supplying custom files, default and custom system font stack options, etc.). I might make the system font stack the default, because environment, page load speed, non-latin scripts, etc., but let's see, in general I'm rather fond of bespoke typo choices and would rather eliminate other optional bytes on the page :)

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TIL: Take uncompressed audio with a sample peak not below -1.0 and not above 1.0, send it through an mp3 encoding/decoding round-trip, and it might come out with a sample peak below -1.0 and above 1.0 (!). This is (depending on encoding parameters) by design, and encoders expect decoders (or its consumers) to clamp/clip these peak overshoots themselves. Reality never ceases to surprise me with new intricacies where I didn't expect them. :)

Putting personal messages into a piece of code intended for use by a single specific person in a single specific situation. I feel like Dennis Nedry putting in "Ah-ah-ah! You didn't say the magic word!" in my code (which I've already done elsewhere, of course ;)).

Computing can be so much fun when it's not a constant mindless chase after disruptive mass products! <3

Threw some other albums at my waveform computation logic, and I must say I'm beginning to like this idea a lot more °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° The juxtaposed waveforms really add quite a unique graphical signature to the albums (even, or especially, with everything else removed), and somehow just seeing some of the curious waveforms totally triggers my curiosity to hear what's going on in those tracks. :D

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Been looking a bit into the topic of waveform representation in faircamp. I like the idea of integrating something that adds a varying graphical quality to all releases and tracks without forcing the artist to provide artwork, i.e. having the system generate something graphical from the audio itself, which also has functional value ... Delicate matter anyhow, not yet sure if there will be waveforms in the end. :)

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Skin cancer prevention now commodified as an app with subscription model, development and research naturally supported and co-financed by the state, hospitals, universities & patients' data - market you can take over for the profits now. Also tough luck if you're a little too un-white, sorry, no training data! Subscribe now and "be one step ahead in the race to beat skin cancer!" This is fine!

Trying to hack together a one-to-one videocall setup (with 100% technical control) for an art performance, and it's surprisingly difficult so far. :/

Some part of my brain thought "That's probably really simple with WebRTC" (considering I can hardcode absolutely everything and fully control all machines involved!) but alas, after hours of research, the bulk of "tutorial" and resources I found are all ads, or at best integration guides, for PaaS, SaaS by some hip bro startup in the valley. Even what's at various places pointed to as the "official" WebRTC website ( presents an entry resource that starts off by ... explaining how to create a Google Firebase Cloud Account Whatever Bla ... (;⌣̀_⌣́) I think I need to approach this differently ... happy about any pointers! :)

Writing lots of again lately ... and I still can't help but sing its praises!! (((o(*°▽°*)o)))

Some devs I greatly respect dismiss Rust because the language is extensive and complex (and indeed it is), but seeing is believing, and what I experience is that every day I spend developing and learning Rust, I am rewarded with weeks worth of cleaner, faster, safer code. "You can choose from 1) fast execution 2) safe execution and 3) fast development, and you can pick three" - that's rust to me. <3

"Data protection" in the academic/instituionalized arts:

"CREATE FULL ACCOUNT / You will need to provide proof of your identity (...) SAR accepts as proof of your identity scans (back and front) of any of the following document types: Valid identity card; / Valid passport; / Valid driving license; / Please attach one of the above-mentioned proof of identity to an email addressed to support[at]"

... But no need to worry about sending vital ID documents unencrypted via mail, because as they inform in the fine print, the email is *then* (*after* having been transmitted unencrypted) forwarded via encrypted email to some third party where it is stored, or something - it is not really explained who that third party is, or why they are involved, and their site is in dutch only to make the information hunt more fun.

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"Open Source" in the academic/institutionalized arts:

"The Research Catalogue software was developed from 2010 - 2012 by the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design (HfG) under open source licenses as part of the Artistic Research Catalogue (ARC) project"

"The Research Catalogue software was developed through a large consortium of art institutes and higher art education establishments and funded through the Dutch RAAK International programme."

... jolly good. So I dig out the only sources I can find (a linked zip archive on some subpage, apparently not updated since 2018) and this is what their "license" file says:

"Copyright (c) 2018 by Society for Artistic Research / All rights reserved. / Modification, distribution, commercial or non-commercial reuse is prohibited without explicit written permission by the copyright holder."

Uhm. (-_-)

TIL: Unsplash is rotten to the core

In a bizarre blog post [1] from December 2019, the Unsplash executives/founders present their new ad strategy "Unsplash for Brands": Devoid of any sense of ethics, they neatly lay out how advertising on unsplash itself would be ineffective and annoying - after all these ads would be identifiable as such - so old school! Instead they present their "win-win-win" idea: Instead of providing unsplash users with a mostly unbiased photo selection from independent creators, they'll give them a biased selection (paid by megacorps) of photos from non-independent creators (made by megacorps) - all the same beautiful bland hipster photography unsplash is famous for, but now filled to the brim with BRAND PRODUCTS and BRAND VALUES.

Apparently without any sense of irony, without any self-awareness at all, they present a GIF that displays a full reversal of Apple's famous 1984 ad [2] to bluntly explain their vision: From here on out, all major news outlets on this planet will stop using diverse imagery to depict (e.g.) a laptop - for now they will, in complete uniformity, show that same brand image, portray those same brand values, and best of all, no one will be annoyed, no one will even realize, that the world has been eaten by ads.


Update on the announced self-hostable alternative: Got tons of work done on the foundation over the last days (architecture, reading, transcoding, caching, syncing, configuration, cli arguments, ...). Today was the first time I did some design exporation (first glimpses attached - these are already in-browser screenshots of the functional interface, not mockups :)). I'm developing out in the open at °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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On a quiet square just a few blocks from where I live there is a 24/7 museum - in a telephone booth. Even more curious is the subject on display: Bad weather! Behold, Vienna's "Schlechtwettermuseum", where it rains all day, all night. :) What a quaint and beautiful place.

Development Teaser: I'm working on a self-hostable alternative - implemented as a static site generator written in

As a small tech tradeoff and an experiment I'm integrating a soft paycurtain: Albums can display a price tag, (including a user interaction for setting a price for "name your price" albums), payment directions are given (Liberapay, SEPA, etc. as configured), but the payment itself is not technically enforced, i.e. the listener is asked to affirm by themselves - by clicking a button - that they have paid for what they want, and only then given the download link. I'm open to experiment further with this when I've released faircamp (current codename) to the public. I could also imagine an option for integrating a hard paywall based on entering a token that could e.g. be made exclusively available to your backers on an external platform (ghost, patreon, steady, paypal, ...).

Been fleshing out the first prototype all day today, and having a blast! ✌️

Research text investigating Bandcamp and Soundcloud as specifically "producer-oriented" audio platforms:

Bandcamp keeps surprising me: Founded by two guys out of Silicon Valley who sold their previous company to Yahoo, huge turnover, not open source, took in Venture Capital in the past, yet everything looks pretty dandy as far as I can see: Small (and judging by their team photo pretty diverse) team, no nonsense tech and business model, no trendchasing, no hype, no scandals, no nothing. To aptly quote their blog: "Maybe the future isn’t a dumpster fire after all."

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