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This year there was no formal policy to ensure diversity, resulting in only 20% speakers with a diverse background, which is a failure, and I feel responsible for that too, there are no excuses to not get this right.

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New internal speaker wishlist policy for the next PIXELvienna conference: Everyone who suggests a straight white dude, suggests a non-straight, non-white or non-dude speaker next. Repeat. (Rationale: This puts diversity at the _beginning_ of the process, and involves _everyone_ on the team in making the speaker lineup more diverse) Looking forward to study the effects.

What's more, chances are that with a certain amount of complexity and fuzzyness involved in the creation, the steps you take to recreate something someone else has done will be different, thus although the result is at first the same, you've actually created it differently, and created a potential for different results, which immediately unfolds as soon as you exercise it again with different aim and intent. (☆▽☆)

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"When you're creating something that someone else has already created you're maybe not creative from a global perspective, but you're creating something that you could not previously have created and in so doing create the foundation to create something else that maybe no-one else has ever created." (somewhat heavily paraphrased from Robert M. Bilder)

It sounds so obvious and yet it's so deep, especially considering the casual hostility often expressed against copying - which in the spirit of the quote is much more akin to creating something entirely new in a universe where it does not yet exist, and therefore very much an immensely meaningful undertaking.

Tech 2020: An intrusive banner saying "Do you want to opt-in to our intrusive messages? [ ] Yes [ ] Not now"

"Free Software Success Melancholy" - When after 6 years of giving talks, hosting community get-togethers, hosting workshops, hosting conference booths, training employees and students and talking to everyone in the industry to get them hyped for Blender you realize that you can stop fighting and go home. Because they've won. Because they've achieved success far beyond what you'd imagined. Because next year you won't need to host events to promote Blender, but instead, mentioning Blender will promote _your_ event ... But of course I was just joking about going home and chillin': Welcome 2021, Year of Krita! (and inkscape, enve, ardour, vgc, ...) :D

PSA: Seeing (prominent) figures in the ethical/sustainable technology movement spew out hate speech and nazi lingo such as "subhumans" to brand people who they consider to pursue the wrong technology is disgusting, toxic and wrong. It's happening right here, right now on mastodon. No amount of critical, conscious, anarchic, avant-garde tech thinking ever justifies dehumanizing others. Confront that behavior when you see it.

Thoughts on interface-heavy audio/graphics application development 

Bootstrapping development on Qt/GTK/etc. is a start in the wrong spot because eventually most of the interface will consist of workflow-specific, highly-tuned custom widgets and controls anyway.

Bootstrapping development on Qt/GTK/etc. is also a start in the wrong spot because it does not provide the bootstrapping that you really want, such as a rudimentary waveform display when you build an audio editor, or a 3D viewport when you build a model editor, or a 2D canvas when you build a vector application, etc.

Bootstrapping development by forking an existing media suite usually will involve as much deconstruction as bootstrapping on Qt/GTK/etc. would require construction, plus you might inherit complicated authorship and licensing.

Starting completely from scratch might kill the endeavour before the first pixel is rendered, and for most people will when they get to text rendering.

So ideally what you would want to start from is solidly engineered, 100% custom boilerplate for your type of application, which implements the base interface paradigm and data primitives of your media type - and from there on you make it your own.

Would you agree with this? Am I going severely astray somewhere in this? Happy to hear your thoughts! :)

Also I solemnly promise the next VPaint study will be original artwork, and more importantly without the sizable backpack of nasty *isms the old mouse company material contains. (however fondly my naive child-self holds it in memory argh)

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Did yet another panel recreation in VPaint. Super time intensive because a) I lack tablet drawing practice and b) VPaint is still a barebones research demo in the end. So hyped for the VGC Illustration alpha to become usable!

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Finished my VPaint/VGC intro project, a Duck Tales Comic Panel recreation (reference attached). Am now 100% convinced that VGC Illustration (and probably Animation too - see has big time potential to become the next go-to libre vector design application. I.e.: Go and throw your money at the developer if you like and/or use that sort of stuff and feel like supporting them! :)

mustered up some courage to draw hands today. messing up hands always discourages me the most. /o\ went ok though, the massively deformed one at least feels alive. moving on!

VGC - A novel free/libre vector illustration/animation technology approach ( that solves a lot of things that are conceptually annoying/impossible in traditional vector graphics:

Tried the research demo at and was delighted to find a) something that works really well and b) does pretty much everything that's shown in the research videos/papers - and they put on quite a show in both their SIGGRAPH videos!

Like so many other gems, discovered this on <3

Curiously found myself writing down my long harbored thoughts on ethics in technology lately - and actually pondering to turn it into articles/a blog! :) Not sure yet if I'll go there but here's a note from today that I really like. (because "put yourself out there!" and who knows what happens ;)) 

Interhuman metaphor for all entities

Folding companies/institutions/organizations into a human metaphor that has character, presence in space, and relates, and is responsible, personally to its environment again.

E.g. Picturing Push Notifications as persons/a single person that indiscriminately invades personal space at inappropriate times and completely interferes with our needs and desires throughout our day, even in intimate moments.

This metaphor could serve very well as a visual anchor to everything and also as a general thematic framework of the blog - i.e. all of the abstract considerations on technology are embedded into a thought model that likens agents and entities to human characters.

The intent of the metaphor of course being this: If you would not tolerate that kind of person in your life (and one must wonder if anyone would) - why do you?

"Oceans will gobble earth, scientists forecast" - Fun and Fancy Free (1947)

My studies of anatomy have turned into (and to some degree have been from the start) a highly irregular, unscheduled mess, nontheless it's kinda working out for me (and I'm in no hurry anyway). Main discovery still stands: 0% rocket science involved, 100% about cultivating mental discipline to pull it through.

I would love to have some punctuation character that is more assertive than "." and less obtrusive than "!" - I'd use it all the time!

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i guess it makes sense to have a gemini/gopher server with specific "hours of operation"?

unlearning the "always online" paradigm

In <15 minutes the conference for computer graphics and animation (whose team I am part of) finally opens (free & online as all do) - starting with a talk on motion design by Maria Kondratieva and Barbara Mitterer. It's going the next 3 days, tune in :)

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Together with a group of Berlin based artists, students, and event organizers we want to open a Berlin instance of the new federated event platform Mobilizon @mobilizon (part of @fediverse) and get people out of the Facebook Events. We are looking for people to help us with the installation, maintenance, code of conduct etc.
@gnuHU_linux @clubdiscordia @cryptoparty_berlin @reclaim_club_culture

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