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Working on promotional slides for a library booth at an upcoming book fair. Conveniently the theme is fantastic literature and I get to indulge in drawing all the mainstream scifi and fantasy themes as much as I please. oh the fun!! ( ^▽^)ψ__

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The writer David Abram used to perform magic tricks at a diner, as recorded in Merlin Sheldrake's 'Entangled Life'. The diners would often return later in the evening asking if he had slipped something in their drink during the performance. They found that the colour of the sky had changed, or that birdsong seemed louder. What Abram believes happened is that they began noticing - they saw his hands doing something that hands should not do, and had their perceptions challenged.

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I bought a dice today to bring some more chaos and serendipity into my day to day life choices. Surprisingly the thing feels incredibly magic, it emanates a child-like fascination and I experience it more as a sophisticated chance machine than a cheap trinket, how cool!

Today's CGmeet was super nice and made me realize just how much I've been missing that feeling of live togetherness in the community. Thanks everyone who helped make it happen!

Hosting provider question: I occasionally need to host small, self-written, lightweight applications for tiny audiences (well below 100 users at peak time). Currently rust/node/postgres-ish stack but would love to just be flexible and be able to install and run whatever. Currently I'm looking at linode - are there better options you would recommend? I tested hosting on a pi from home but I abandoned that because my home connection and the ISP provided router proved too unreliable. Super happy about any suggestions!

Sicuit now has a shiny website, a new demo screencast, import/export scripts for pass, and the alpha builds are getting a little less experimental every two days or so. :)

Just published the first alpha snapshot build for sicuit \(^ヮ^)/

sicuit is a minimal password store concept - like pass, but the store is just a single, structured textfile.

Wrote some proof of concept Rust FFI bindings for libeno today. Without any prior knowledge took me well under an hour for a "hello world" and about another hour for real life interaction with the parser API, shuffling around data both ways (in just around ~50 LOC). Bottom line: Surprised how easy this was, kudos to the rust team!

I successfully argued the maintainers (github owned) into allowing the addition of licenses that are popular outside of github:

I did not (yet) contest one of their other criteria which only declares licenses approved by FSF/OSI worthy of representation, but eventually this would be the really important change to facilitate - not because I want licenses on either side of the spectrum declared as "right" or "wrong" but simply because denying the ethical discourse around licenses that is going on is definitely inacceptable for a site acting as a huge gatekeeper for license information in the wider tech community.

Spent well over 2 days redesigning and rewriting, resulting in the first design that I actually really like :) (subpages still quite incomplete though) Sometimes I wonder if I'm chasing after some technological figment of mine with eno, but right now I'm again convinced of the importance and potential of the endeavour. Plaintext databases and interfaces ftw. °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

Good Form now supports exporting selections! With the recent additions it begins to feel like a very practical tool, not just R&D - I'm delighted. \o/

New goodie for macOS users: You can now use Cmd+Q to quit :)

Over the last half year I brought my @apertus R&D project on @Blender based automated industrial visualization back into mint condition.

It's been ported to blender 2.82, the server completely rewritten in rust and all the frontend implementation brought up to speed.Today with publishing the macOS and Windows builds the renovation project finally concludes, and I'm super happy. :)

Everyone's expressly invited to build upon the research and make something new and exciting out of the technical foundation provided: Hack it, fork it, make it yours! <3

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