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The #Docuthon has ended, but our aim to deliver good #Documentation to end users has not.

We're proud to launch a new design for our #Codeberg Documentation, which is now in line with our design guidelines. Thanks to the contributor!

Check it out at and feel free to contribute some content by checking out the open issues at !

@wendy i must say i'm rather shocked to learn that the capitalist mall is not my friend (ಥ﹏ಥ) there go the languid summer afternoons with friends, eating trash at the food court, buying all the cheapest throwaway fashion until our bags are bursting, watching german-dubbed romcoms at the gigamegacineplexxxdrome ... you activists really spoil all the fun ;)

Mall furniture 2021: Keep people online at all cost. No one can bear disconnection anymore. Life is where the device is.

@epicenter_works Metafrage an die Redaktion: Aus welcher textgestalterischen Motivation heraus wird ein "Scales Emoji" dem textuellen Oldspeak "Gesetze/Gesetzgebung/Legislatur/..." vorgezogen? (・・ ) ?

@j12i interesting to see what's out there (even if i'm rather transitioning away from smartphones in general), thanks appreciate it! :)

@phel yes fully aware, it's my business address and I'm required to disclose that on my website anyway ... thanks for the heads-up and for your kind words! :)

so happy that i have a clear mind for drawing again after the stressful last months <3

Anybody use one of those minimal card-sized phones? I'm intrigued by the idea of a ~30g phone that only does calls and texting but both the bulk of products on offer and the available means to order them seem like a surreal tech lottery ...

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Popular webcomic "The Oatmeal" no longer asks people to follow them on #Facebook, #Twitter, #instagram etc. Here's their explanation as to why (contains minor swearing):

(from )

PS Currently if you want to follow them, visit here:

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If you're into generative vector graphics I might have something cool for you: I finally found a workflow for script-based generation of vector primitives and text, including - and here it gets interesting - the ability to perform arbitrary scripted boolean operations between all objects (!), and the subsequent possibility to export all results as svg.

This might not look or sound like much, but to my surprise it was incredibly hard to find a library/approach for this. is what saved the day, they took on the complex and somewhat unthankful job of implementing fast and accurate boolean operations within an API and framework that is accessible and productive to work with. I've also used here to get the text as a vector path, but it seems this might be do-able in Paper.js too, possibly.

While researching this I looked into scripting inkscape with python, directly using inkscape's libgeom library, using OpenSCAD, etc. ... so as you see I was already quite desperate. :D I'd be delighted to learn if you know of any alternative approaches to get the above-mentioned workflow done. This is powerful stuff and the more ways to do it, the better. :)

Hab heute meine Verkehrsregelkenntnisse fürs Radfahren in Wien aufgefrischt (bin/war ab und zu unsicher beim Vorrang), wer es mir nachtun will – Links inkludiert. 

Interaktives Quiz in verschiedene Verkehrsbereiche unterteilt (für kleine und grosse Kids ;))

Vorrangregeln im Detail:

ALL the Verkehrsschilders:

Vorfahrt (D) vs. Vortritt (CH/FL) vs. Vorrang (A). lol

IPv6: I have a vague todo item on my personal agenda to "be less ignorant about IPv6" in my life. Any reading recommendations that teach basic practices that everyone can/should follow to help the cause? Or is it more productive to just "wait it out" until either someone yells at me why my $foo does not speak IPv6 or I finally crash against the wall in my own projects when my cozy IPv4 carpet is pulled out from under me at some point?

@mrufrufin idk, i'm not so excited about existing, highly performant native apps moving to the browser ... i get less of the same app, much slower, constrained by the browser's interfaces (no CLI, lib*, etc.), embedded in a gargantuan, pseudo-open project governed by google or mozilla that drains significant overhead from our machines ... and all for the benefit of me not having to type "sudo [something install] native-app" ? Don't get me wrong, it's of course interesting on some level that these things are possible, but what this means in reality, outside of novelty tech demos, I'm rather concerned about in some ways.

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