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Die 6. @PrivacyWeek des @c3wien ist gestartet!

Wie immer eine ganze Woche mit spannendem Programm!
Auch dieses Jahr vollständig online.

Hier der Fahrplan:

Hier der Stream:

#Datenmeer #pw21

@ripper Ohai! Ich wäre sehr an einem weiteren 3G Keymemberschulungstermin interessiert! Ich habe auch schon das COVID19-"Koitus im Fotolab"-Präventionskonzept gelesen, nur um meine ernsthaftigkeit in der sache zu unterstreichen. :)

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Are there any good sci fi books that have really good audiobooks? Or like a well edited podcast with auxiliary sound effects.

@dch just generally speaking i found this a very inspirational read on the topic - - but of course this can be rather theoretical and philosophical in the face of specific requirements one might have (don't know yours at all :)). Either way I'm sure you'll find a good solution in the end! :unwanted_ok:

@dch imo apple's laptop offerings should be plain boycotted on grounds of their product obsolescence politics alone already: soldered-on components, software-driven obsolescence by OS support phaseout ... and i'd venture they're still legally combatting right to repair, like e.g. suing repair shops out of existence because they can :drake_dislike: ... ugh. i think there are better options out there :)

It took me a while to acknowledge this for myself, but over the years I've developed a strong disinterest in doing traditional graphic design work using traditional tools (i.e. manual work in inkscape and such).

Recently I found that I do enjoy traditional graphic design work if I build it in code and as parametric systems, so I've decided to adopt this practice whenever I can now (and I might release some of it as free software where it makes sense).

Now for this year's Buch Wien fair I'm currently crafting a short animated presentation for the booth of a privately run scifi/fantasy/etc. library in vienna: I scanned book covers I found in the library, created a simple data manifest for the presentation (a JSON array of objects, each describing a slide - text, image path, alignment, etc.), and wrote a script (currently about 200 LOC) that renders the animated slides and pumps them through ffmpeg to get the finished booth video. \o/

I don't think I'll be going back to manual workflows. (:

@celesteh What I usually do: "git remote -v" to inspect the configuration (before and after), "git remote remove origin" to clear it, "git remote add origin https://forge.url/user/repo" to set the new repository location

FOSS vector graphics application "VGC Illustration" is now 100% funded for a 1.0 release in july 2022! Thanks everyone for spreading the word, I'll cut back on commercial content now again. (*/▽\*)

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@SaulRS951 i feel the availability of a research demo ( now already makes this as legit as it gets :) but you're right in so far as only time will tell if it can live up to all the expectations (e.g. general usability and performance, which the demo is not about). Fingers crossed!

@esteban hey i'm glad it resonates and that you're chipping in too, I'm also very excited to see this succeed - fingers crossed! :)

Here's an opportunity to write some FOSS graphics history, everyone: "VGC Illustration" presents a technologically novel - and having tried it I will say *artistically superior* - approach to illustrative vector graphics. It's developed by a 1 (soon 2) person team that has serious industry and technical research credentials (Pixar, Siggraph) while at the same time being fervent open source lovers and actually developing their research as FOSS since years. Boris (the lead dev) has now fully dedicated his life mission to making VGC Illustration (and soon Animation) a sustainable open source business, and all he's asking for is pretty much peanuts considering the magnitude and scope this could soon have. If the kickstarter (which started only an hour ago and is already 10% funded!) does not work out, VGC is probably dead, so I think this is a lifetime opportunity for us to give support to establish a new powerful player and unique technological cornerstone in FOSS graphics. To conclude: Please, for the love of FOSS, throw money at this! :)

@paul really curious what you will come up with, mainstream genre and all :) i love this track to pieces: but for your allowed instrumentation something reduced like is probably a more tangible piece of inspiration

@s_video know the feeling, both of mentally losing my grasp of the sentence while reading it, as well as visually losing the line and focus in the text over and over again. Agree with @praxeology and @320x200's thoughts on this, for me it usually happens when I've got too much on my mind, especially when I'm in emotional turmoil too. If I think about it, this might actually be, sadly, the reason why I had such a sharp decline in my book reading over the past years.

@christian_zerfass Es gibt einerseits die Fernsehfassungen für WDR und (ich glaube) SWR die eben den Gesetzen der Rundfunklizensierung unterliegen, aaber es gibt auch die interaktive Filmfassung auf der madetomeasure Website (die den anderen beiden um nichts nachsteht!), diese hat meines Wissens nach kein Ablaufdatum. :) @viennawriter

@fortifieduniverse really curious to see the episode when it's ready! ˖◝(⁰▿⁰)◜˖

@rra not per se a learning page on regex, but I found (and still find - learning regex feels more like an open ended journey to me) to be tremendously useful in the learning process, as the detailed and realtime visual feedback you get really allows you to get a more plastic feeling of how the very abstract instructions are applied by the regex engine

Me: "I want to buy a half-pedalling capable foot pedal for my Doepfer midi keyboard, which one can I buy that is compatible?"

Doepfer: "Ehh ask dealer, here's a datasheet for the compatible electrical specs"

Local dealer: "Meh ask thomann"

Thomann: "Meh ¯\_(ツ)_/¯"

Roland: We don't do electrial specs in datasheets for our products! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Yamaha: We don't do electical specs in datasheets for our products! (ʘ ͜ʖ ʘ)

For f*ck's sake ... (-‸ლ)

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