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A friendly reminder that the @peertube campaign is still running until complete.

If you want:
- better overall UX and global search
- better moderation tools
- plug-ins, playlists
- live streaming

please consider donating to the campaign. Each contribution matters, even the smallest ones.

Thanks for helping making the internet a better place!

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Inkscape is preparing a 6-week summer of Hackfest online, beginning Sat., July 11, @ 4 pm UTC. Live video session runs 6 hours - come for as long as you like. Learn about Inkscape's board this week. Bring your questions! Everyone welcome! Details:

I took the leap and migrated from pass to my own password manager today, asides that I had to write two patches to make it work with my real life data (alpha mind you ;)) I'm now pleasantly convinced that this is good shit and I'm not just following some daft DIY whim. :D yaaayyyy onwards to beta!

@rostiger @sigrid meh that's unfortunate! practically the server's ssh daemon could be configured to not allow public key authentication in general, not sure how likely that is and/or if there is information from your host regarding how it's configured ... i'm occasionally at metalab these days, so if you're around town and want to come by some time to look at it together in person that's also an option i can offer (i'm not very expert level at ssh but as another fallback there's usually at least another more competent and helpful person for these kinds of things at the lab ;))

Sicuit now has a shiny website, a new demo screencast, import/export scripts for pass, and the alpha builds are getting a little less experimental every two days or so. :)

Any visual artists out there using Noveau drivers while working with Krita and Blender? I've given this a shot (been using the proprietary nvidia drivers so far) but right now it unfortunately feels like a dead end - distracting cursor lag in krita, realtime rendering glitches in EEVEE, complete crashes in blender during the most basic usage ... different experiences anyone?

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#PCB design, #electronics, #KiCAD: Does anyone know of a good, possibly video, lecture series covering basic and intermediate topics? paid is ok. boosts very welcome! #pcbdesign

@rostiger oh so you're juggling different ssh key pairs locally, i see. that of course introduces another vector of possible breakage (i.e. whether your ssh call to your webhost actually really uses the right identity to perform the authentication), not familiar with that unfortunately

@rostiger I'm not familiar with so don't know how the ssh identities are managed, if you can just configure your own keys for your own user etc.

@rostiger If the build service is to authenticate itself with your webserver via ssh I suppose there's no other way but for the build server itself to have a complete private/public key to authenticate itself, that key can be yours or (probably better) a separate one created specifically for this (and as you say you then add that additional public key top your webhost's authorized_keys file).

@rostiger cool that sounds really thorough, more thorough than what I've ever done in fact! ;) (thanks for ssh-id-copy , didn't even know that exists, always hand-pasting things in nano haha)

@luka Not formally research, but I loved this essay on appropriating spreadsheets to celebrate online together:

@rostiger Awesome, congrats! You might be missing the server-side key setup here: Did you already add your public key to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the server? That would also answer your question regarding I think, the authorized_keys informs the server that your key is applicable for key-based authentication.

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Hello, We are an exciting all-online music festival with lots of great stuff coming soon!!

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[V3 Roadmap] Global Search ✅ Thank you all for being so many in funding this solution! Let's go to moderation tools!

@rostiger oh and actually there's also at least one neat unixy ftp client out there that supports a rsync-style sync command as well, that's a nice fallback if ssh access is not possible, am using that in one project. I think lftp is the one I used IIRC.

@rostiger I deploy most of my websites via rsync (e.g. through a "./" shell script that contains a one-liner like "rsync -avz --delete public/") Your host needs to support ssh access for this. In addition would recommend to setup public key authentication for ssh (again if your host allows), so you don't need to type their arbitrary password everytime. If anything of this is weird jargon I'll happily explain in depth, feel free to ask. :)

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