@eriknatanael nice - haven't see
n them yet, thanks for this suggestion!

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@xuv Well executed and quite a bittersweet piece (which really does justice to the rather grim reality of politics), thanks for the recommendation!

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Our first fully online #GodotCon will be this Saturday, January 23rd!

It's a YouTube Premiere with over 7 hours of #GodotEngine talks, and we also created a dedicated chat platform to host Q&As and discussions between attendees.

As usual, it's free! ✨


@g haven't heard of it so far - thanks for yet another option! :) @morph mentioned mailbox.org, which also looks quite cool and might fit your requirements too - very similar to posteo (i.e. external clients supported), plus custom domain support!

@morph uh that looks nice too! i was somewhat considering the absence of custom domain support as a positive thing too (as in: relieves me of the vanity choice i have to make, and it's kinda classic and down to earth to just have the service provider domain too :D), but thinking about migrating, having the option to transparently migrate from provider to provider in the future sounds like a very, very good point to consider actually. thanks a lot for putting that back on the table!

@wendy yeah nice :) yes they're indeed fantastic! one time i brought it in for service the shopkeeper made an almost sleazy attempt to buy it off of me (with no success of course) (*^.^*)

@wendy addendum to yesterday - we're apparently constituting the Bernina club at lurk :)

@pixouls i'm also in the habit of periodically deleting my posts btw. ;) (maybe i should mention that on my profile as well hehe)

@wendy hey thanks - definitely thumbs up for coop! in this case i'd first need to up my language game though. :)

Email provider recommendations anyone? I'm thinking about getting a dedicated (and paid) email-only provider (primarily because I find it creepy that my provider does not support 2FA to protect against getting locked out of my own email account). Currently contemplating posteo.net, but super happy about other ideas or general thoughts on the topic!

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To hell with 2020! Here is what you should be expecting to happen _this_ year in free/libre software for creative professionals:


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#Google starts to lock out non-official Chrome builds like #Chromium. The #web is a cricual infrastructure these days and as such we need independent browsers and rendering engines!

If you care about the free and open web you shouldn't use Chrome based browsers.

Thread with more details: https://twitter.com/spotfoss/status/1351624743510827015

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Hallo liebe Follower:innen, ich suche (immer noch) nach einem Zugang zum Thema #Podcasting und interessiere mich für eure Einschätzungen:
Hört ihr Podcasts, wenn ja, warum?
Zu welchen Themen hört ihr Podcasts?
Wann und wo hört ihr?
Danke! Gerne RT!

@letterus 👋 Mein "Wann und wo" ist mein "Warum": Ich höre Podcasts einerseits beim Wohnung putzen & Wäsche aufhängen (um die motorische Routine die meine Augen und Hände okkupiert mit einer intellektuellen Beschäftigung durch das Hören zu verschönern), andererseits wenn ich nachts im Bett liege und (noch) nicht schlafen kann - das zuhören an sich ist eine angenehme/spannende/interessante/... Aktivität und erlaubt im Gegensatz zu Bildschirm/Buch durch die Dunkelheit dass der Körper auch gleichzeitig zu einem gesunden Müdigkeits/Schlafzustand wechseln kann. Bevorzugte Formate bei mir: US-amerikanisches Radio Drama (v.a. Fiction), Reportagen zu Technologie/Gesellschaft (Ö1), Deutsche & Englische Interviewformate (Biografien, Lebensmodelle, Communities, Psychologie, Technologie, ...). Viel Erfolg!

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