Titles from the Alien franchise are an interesting case study for this as well, as they permutate through different wideness/condensedness qualities (letter wideness vs. letter spacing, etc.). Interestingly enough, the further a font diverges from a "nondescript standard sans serif" design, the more my brain finds it ok if the letters are really wide (because it is more convinced that professionals were at work? that more manual labor and love went into crafting the glyphs? xD fascninating.)

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Typography: I frequently perceive fonts to be simply too wide. Somehow, for me, there is no limit to how (horizontally) condensed a font can be, but conversely, any font that exceeds a certain degree of wideness immediately looks cheap, unprofessional, (vertically) squashed ... in fact I literally perceive those as having been unproportionally scaled on the X axis from an originally good font.

... Is it just me? (*/▽\*)

The attached still (from a cinema documentary) is what triggered the question for me (again) - I trust whoever designed the titles probably does it professionally (i.e. no unproportional scaling accidents), and the cinematography itself is beautifully executed throughout the movie, but looking at the titles my brain just goes "this is wrong", while I simultaneously feel bad about thinking that way, I mean it's just a wide font, why isn't this ok too, when even extremely condensed fonts are to me as well? ... :D

Brought myself to play some piano amidst my increasingly stifling lethargy in this latest lockdown (◕‿◕。)

Just received a newsletter and broke out into hysterical laughter. Super excited to find out how this Kafka UX (TM) experience continues.

Otto Wagner's long lost original schematics for the Millenium Falcon

Hauling over some second order discourse from birdsite because I've missed it here on mastodon so far. :) This:

"wonder if the NFT discourse will finally allow us to talk about the ecological impact of making Pixar movies" -- @kkukshtel@twitter.com

I dropped a similar question at our PIXELvienna conference last fall, and it didn't really feel like $GFX_ARTIST even understood what the question was about (¬‿¬ )

Also there is a specific archetype of the usergroup visitor with the biggest, loudest, brightest gamer laptop present in the room whenever I host a Blender community event, and then they usually (while recounting their laptop hardware specs - at "RYZEN" they usually start to gleam) proudly show me what they rendered throughout all of last week, and in my head I silently go through all the nice things that could have been computed with that energy, instead of throwing earth resources at a bad shader in a bad composition in a bad lighting setup inside a non-existant artistic concept.

Also there's now a --theming-widget cli option which injects a small overlay widget into all pages and with which one can interactively explore different color configurations for the visual theme - the configuration options are automatically generated as text and can be copied into the config file. (sorry for the weird video compression, wasn't meant to be an encoding glitch art video :D)

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Random faircamp progress excerpt: Added decoding (and thus waveform generation) for FLAC and WAV, experimented a bit with "waveform thumbnails" for the tracks of releases (might remain an experiment only), today added font customization (supplying custom files, default and custom system font stack options, etc.). I might make the system font stack the default, because environment, page load speed, non-latin scripts, etc., but let's see, in general I'm rather fond of bespoke typo choices and would rather eliminate other optional bytes on the page :)

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Putting personal messages into a piece of code intended for use by a single specific person in a single specific situation. I feel like Dennis Nedry putting in "Ah-ah-ah! You didn't say the magic word!" in my code (which I've already done elsewhere, of course ;)).

Computing can be so much fun when it's not a constant mindless chase after disruptive mass products! <3

Threw some other albums at my waveform computation logic, and I must say I'm beginning to like this idea a lot more °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖° The juxtaposed waveforms really add quite a unique graphical signature to the albums (even, or especially, with everything else removed), and somehow just seeing some of the curious waveforms totally triggers my curiosity to hear what's going on in those tracks. :D

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Been looking a bit into the topic of waveform representation in faircamp. I like the idea of integrating something that adds a varying graphical quality to all releases and tracks without forcing the artist to provide artwork, i.e. having the system generate something graphical from the audio itself, which also has functional value ... Delicate matter anyhow, not yet sure if there will be waveforms in the end. :)

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Skin cancer prevention now commodified as an app with subscription model, development and research naturally supported and co-financed by the state, hospitals, universities & patients' data - market you can take over for the profits now. Also tough luck if you're a little too un-white, sorry, no training data! Subscribe now and "be one step ahead in the race to beat skin cancer!" This is fine!

TIL: Unsplash is rotten to the core

In a bizarre blog post [1] from December 2019, the Unsplash executives/founders present their new ad strategy "Unsplash for Brands": Devoid of any sense of ethics, they neatly lay out how advertising on unsplash itself would be ineffective and annoying - after all these ads would be identifiable as such - so old school! Instead they present their "win-win-win" idea: Instead of providing unsplash users with a mostly unbiased photo selection from independent creators, they'll give them a biased selection (paid by megacorps) of photos from non-independent creators (made by megacorps) - all the same beautiful bland hipster photography unsplash is famous for, but now filled to the brim with BRAND PRODUCTS and BRAND VALUES.

Apparently without any sense of irony, without any self-awareness at all, they present a GIF that displays a full reversal of Apple's famous 1984 ad [2] to bluntly explain their vision: From here on out, all major news outlets on this planet will stop using diverse imagery to depict (e.g.) a laptop - for now they will, in complete uniformity, show that same brand image, portray those same brand values, and best of all, no one will be annoyed, no one will even realize, that the world has been eaten by ads.

[1] unsplash.com/blog/introducing-
[2] youtu.be/VtvjbmoDx-I

Update on the announced self-hostable alternative: Got tons of work done on the foundation over the last days (architecture, reading, transcoding, caching, syncing, configuration, cli arguments, ...). Today was the first time I did some design exporation (first glimpses attached - these are already in-browser screenshots of the functional interface, not mockups :)). I'm developing out in the open at codeberg.org/simonrepp/faircam °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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On a quiet square just a few blocks from where I live there is a 24/7 museum - in a telephone booth. Even more curious is the subject on display: Bad weather! Behold, Vienna's "Schlechtwettermuseum", where it rains all day, all night. :) What a quaint and beautiful place.

Second finished piano adaptation is a bit of an oddity: The "Invincibility" theme from Sonic 3D: Flickies' Island [a.k.a. Sonic 3D Blast in the US], which was the first game I played on Sega Saturn (the only console I ever owned, maybe due to the disappointment that it got totally overshadowed by the PlayStation then).

The soundtrack of the game is by Richard Jacques and features a colorful mix of carribean beats, 90s techno, casino jazz, christmas tunes, orchestral disaster movie music ... I don't remember why I adapted this particular track, but I guess I was just lazy, it's a really short thing, and turned out more as an etude, as it's neither fun to play nor super appealing sonically speaking haha. On to the next piece! :D

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Decided to finish some of the ~20 based transcriptions I sketched out (but never completed) over the last 2-3 years:

First one done is Hirokazu Tanaka's Ending Theme for Super Mario Land (Nintendo Gameboy). In primary school I used to play through the game during the 1-hour lunch break - only so I could listen to the ending theme, which I absolutely *loved*, over and over again ... until lunch break was over and I had to shut off the Gameboy (and lose finished game state along with the tune). :D

Also: Massively grateful to the lilypond and frescobaldi developers. Writing sourcecode to create beautifully looking, statically generated sheet music (PDF/SVG/PNG): Personal heaven. <3

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