Amazon eating the world, issue #2435035 (that's "indie" streaming service realeyz "now exclusively on prime video" to quote their website)

@eest9 Gibts deinen rc3 talk irgendwo in intakter form gehostet? Recording endet leider schon bevor die rosarote Brille abgenommen wird! :D

Tech 2021: The " [ Not Now ]" button has been cancelled, we're down to "[ Yes ]" now. Opt-in or die.

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Managed to get my website out of the top third and into the bottom third of the resource-intensity index on through more thoughtful media compression/resolution choices and with very little noticeable loss in fidelity. Also checked with my provider whether they host climate-neutral (they do), as they are not listed on (german, english dub available) is a great primer on the topic, also has some really great articles on this, e.g.

Most of what I present on my website is by nature (and probably will continue to be) audiovisual, so I will always have to make compromises (and there's still so much more to explore in how to creatively approach this), but regardless, a two-thirds reduction of data transferred even under these constraints shows that we all can make drastic changes if we put it on the agenda. For me this was quite an encouraging undertaking and result.

Did yet another panel recreation in VPaint. Super time intensive because a) I lack tablet drawing practice and b) VPaint is still a barebones research demo in the end. So hyped for the VGC Illustration alpha to become usable!

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Finished my VPaint/VGC intro project, a Duck Tales Comic Panel recreation (reference attached). Am now 100% convinced that VGC Illustration (and probably Animation too - see has big time potential to become the next go-to libre vector design application. I.e.: Go and throw your money at the developer if you like and/or use that sort of stuff and feel like supporting them! :)

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Recreating a Duck Tales Comic Panel in VPaint to familiarize myself with the workflows: I'm a total VGC/VPaint fanboy by now haha. Think I'll also spend some more time with Grease Pencil in the future, the vector approach is actually really similar, asides the VGC/VGA wizardry in VPaint of course. Hell yeah!!

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mustered up some courage to draw hands today. messing up hands always discourages me the most. /o\ went ok though, the massively deformed one at least feels alive. moving on!

"Oceans will gobble earth, scientists forecast" - Fun and Fancy Free (1947)

My studies of anatomy have turned into (and to some degree have been from the start) a highly irregular, unscheduled mess, nontheless it's kinda working out for me (and I'm in no hurry anyway). Main discovery still stands: 0% rocket science involved, 100% about cultivating mental discipline to pull it through.

In <15 minutes the conference for computer graphics and animation (whose team I am part of) finally opens (free & online as all do) - starting with a talk on motion design by Maria Kondratieva and Barbara Mitterer. It's going the next 3 days, tune in :)

After three intense days of additions, rewrites and tweaking, sicuit now officially receives my personal seal of quality. :) All text operations are now unicode-compliant, and I put a lot of time and love into the interface design to achieve a balance of elegance and readability within the limited/unpredictable design options in the terminal.

5.0 is available for Arch/deb/rpm:

Blender Foundation this year aired a 98min collection of short video messages from the community instead of a typical online conference, and it's diverse, intimate, inspiring and impressive.

I think for everyone in free software this is a fantastic insight to observe, listen and think long and hard about how and why blender succeeds in all these communities and fields, and what we can learn from it. And instead of looking for the zeitgeist-y "disruptive" strategic aspects, I think it's important to consider that they've been at it for ~20 years, however in contrast to many other similarly aged but more or less stagnant projects they've managed to make time really work for them.

So then, let's watch and learn. Kudos to them! -

*changing hat* ... by the way! PIXELvienna conference this year is still happening! (nov 20-22) \o/

I had rather envisioned myself organizing a free/libre graphics track & round table at the conference in addition to the preliminary community get-togethers, but yeah now we're exclusively online (which is not so much my thing when it comes to events) and I'm actually helping out with social media on twitter instead (awkward lol)

But anyhow: Chicago-based Director Erin Sarofsky is on the speaker line-up this year - rocknroll! I'll maybe post some more teaser stuff the coming weeks! PIXELvienna is by the way 100% from the community for the community, run by our small team of volunteers from the local scene. <3

Random report on my ongoing studies of artistic anatomy: Been keeping at it on and off. \o/ That field has a/many weird (parallel) learning curve(s). It's a lot about learning how to learn in addition to the learning itself. Also a lot about developing confidence in one's own abilities. Vaguely considering to put it in some formal context at some point (school or university) as I suspect it'll be a lot more fun with peers. Anyhow, love this and beginning to get really hooked and into the mindset, definitely staying with it. <3

In need of therapeutic advice for an artist! What do you make of this?

"I've been creatively active in a plethora of different fields and media (pop music having been the most prolific endeavour so far), however in recent years I've been mostly struggling to comprehend my own narrative and to gain a sense of stability and identity within all of my diverse interests and skills. Ironically it seems the more I know, the less I know what to do with it!"

(Image: Pencil drawing by my ~8 years old, Keith-Harring-obsessed child self, on the top ribbon (illegible) I back then wrote "Everything but an artist")

Working on promotional slides for a library booth at an upcoming book fair. Conveniently the theme is fantastic literature and I get to indulge in drawing all the mainstream scifi and fantasy themes as much as I please. oh the fun!! ( ^▽^)ψ__

I bought a dice today to bring some more chaos and serendipity into my day to day life choices. Surprisingly the thing feels incredibly magic, it emanates a child-like fascination and I experience it more as a sophisticated chance machine than a cheap trinket, how cool!

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