I wrote myself a smol tool for analyzing daily energy usage patterns (electricity/gas). Basically I'm reading out my (non-smart) meters every night and recording the absolute values in a table, annotating them with tags (think "vacuumcleaner" or "coldday" e.g.) so I can in hindsight make sense of notable patterns when they emerge. I decided to expand it just a little to make it usable for others (will be ready end of november I estimate), here's what to expect: Client-side browser tool (a tiny webpage, all computation happens on your device). Edit mode which is basically a spreadsheet for entering all values. Export json so you can keep your data on your machine (you'll have to actually :)) - and so you can add data points offline in your texteditor (I might add a csv-ish format too). Import json so you can import your records back into the tool to visualize/analyze them. If you want you can then also download the tool to your computer and run it 100% from there. And that's it. Screenshots from work in progress attached. :unwanted_ok:

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My thinking here btw.: By adding a small, dedicated spreadsheet editor in the tool, the technical barrier to using the tool gets lowered to having to know 1) how to use a website 2) how to download a file from a website 3) how to find and re-upload that file to that website (note that the "JSON" stuff still needs less cryptic labeling then of course to be accessible!), I think this might actually be a reasonable offering also for non-tech folks while still upholding a no-maintenance, no-nonsense lotech approach? (let's see, and let me know if you have any thoughts on that! :))

Made good progress on the energy usage pattern explorer - I even added localization. \o/ Some polishing and documentation left, then I'll put it online for everyone to use and/or hack (GPL) sometime in the next days.

Ok I'm putting this out there now: Lesung is a small tool that helps you analyze your energy/gas usage. You do daily readouts of your meter(s), with tags that are relevant for your habits and household, then you import it into lesung to gain a visual understanding of how you use energy. That's all. Free software, data doesn't leave your computer, i18n-able, yadda yadda. :) It's not yet as polished as I'd want it to be, but I'll try to add some of that over time. Make backups (I can't promise it won't eat your data if the planets misalign) and report bugs, happy to iron them out.

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