I might write about this in greater detail at a later point, but, given it's an opportune moment to share this at the onset of winter (around these parts): I gave it a try, and yes, Hot Water Bottles really are the awesome, cosy, crazy efficient personal heating system claimed in this piece:

Any other year by this time it would be heating season for me already, even more so because I live in a rented, run-down old viennese flat with doors and windows so warped that you can almost peek through some of the gaps around the frame. Not so this year. I'm sitting at my desk in my still entirely unheated flat, delightedly chilling with my hot water bottle. :) Preliminary readings already point towards substantial efficiency gains (well, no surprises there), I'm collecting data and hands-on experience on a daily basis now. Takeaway: Try this at home!

Bonustrack: If you enjoyed this toot thus far, you might also be interested in (more practical inspiration) and (a wider historical and cultural perspective on all of this) and in following @rra and @cblgh, aka. the friendly folks who have been sharing this kinds of cool stuff before (cheers!). \o/

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@freebliss @rra @cblgh these articles have also changed the way I intend to go through my winter in this year of the lord 2022.

@freebliss yes I love hot water bottles! I also have the struggles of an old apartment, My old-old apartment was overly hot in the winter even with the boiler off, but this new-old one seems destined to be cool. I've never seen the Cosymajig but now want to rig one for myself this winter 🧺🧶

@dcwalk How come that your apartment was overly hot in winter (without heating?), I'm curious? :) I was musing about having a way to fix the water bottle to the body as I tend to move a lot in my flat throughout the day. I pictured a sort of "bulletproof vest" design in my head, but I figured I'd do some quick research in case people were already sewing these kinds of things, and then I randomly found this cosymajig design, and it makes more sense somehow: more flexible, and lighter. :) Already picked some fabrics from my stash, super excited to sew it next week when I find time again. \o/

@freebliss I should have been more clear, the building had radiators, and once they were on for the season the ones in the hallways were full blast, I always figured my 3rd floor was getting more than enough heating from all the heat rising from other units and the hallway.

I mostly have yarn in my stash right now and wondering if I can knit a hot water bottle pouch/holder 🤔 though sewing one seems better.

@dcwalk Got it now, thanks for elaborating :) Knitted or sewn, curious to the see your results if you want to share them then!

@freebliss For sure! Also curious to see yours if you are up for sharing them 🪡

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