I would like to use open street maps offline (i.e. with downloaded map data in a native application) on my laptop/desktop (various linuxes), mostly just to look up where I need to go before I leave the house for errands and social occasions. I found this - - but am a bit overwhelmed by the choices, anyone happen to have a recommendation? Much appreciated. (⌒‿⌒)

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@freebliss Not that I have much experience, but OsmAnd for android is pretty cool and there is a version of it for Desktop as well... Java though

@phel @stemid hey thanks you two! I used OsmAnd on Android recently, but researching for 15 minutes or so did not bring up any desktop version for it? (asides maybe VMing it but that's a bit too far from native for me) Are you sure there's a way to run this natively on a (non-android) linux desktop?

@freebliss @stemid It seems to be called "offroad" - found it in the official pacman repos, here:

I'm interested in how well it works!

@phel @stemid oh cool thanks a lot! :) the bad news is that it doesn't start (tried it here on arch), the issue I see here was reported two weeks ago for manjaro as well I haven't touched java for too long, so I'll refrain from looking into this and will retry at some point in the future (⌒‿⌒)

@freebliss I used OsmAnd for Android a long time ago. It costs some money but it's very robust and lets you download entire regions until your device runs out of space basically.

@freebliss @pixouls I use QGIS, but it’s definitely overkill for what you want. Give KDE Marble a shot. I’m not super familiar, but I just tested the flatpak and it seems pretty good and ticks all your boxes.

To work offline you’ll want to File > Download Region and pick your extents and tile size. If you’re not sure what tile size you need, try zooming in to the level you most want to use and selecting Download Region to see what the program recommends. The help page on the subject is pretty good also.

@lecramed @mkwadee marble is a great suggestion, thanks you two (also for the mini guide lecramed - much appreciated!). I dabbled around in it a bit today and I think I'll get happy with this, even if there are some quirks here and there. :) (@pixouls thanks for the boost \o/)

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