I don't know if this is just my system, but in the last months has crashed on me so often - with the most basic of tasks - that it is really turning into a fundamental problem of missing basic reliability for me. :/ And it really pains me, because at the same time they've made leaps in the overall roundness of the software and more than ever I feel that inkscape is something I can get behind and recommend to friends which are not free software activists but just want to get stuff done with a software that feels nice to use.

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@freebliss Be sure to report those crashes, if you can and know how to. I personally hadn't hat a single crash this year.

@linos thanks that's good to hear for sure! I will definitely start reporting this stuff as it's not going away. So far my consideration was that the issues are so basic that someone must have reported that stuff already anyhow, but yeah maybe it's system-specific after all given the timeframe now.

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