Anybody use one of those minimal card-sized phones? I'm intrigued by the idea of a ~30g phone that only does calls and texting but both the bulk of products on offer and the available means to order them seem like a surreal tech lottery ...

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@freebliss i've been wondering about those as well, lmk if you come to any conclusion (:

@freebliss I had one a few years ago that came with a case that attached it to the back of an iPhone as an “extra number” before iPhones could have 2 SIM cards. That card sized phone was really badly designed and almost impossible to use for anything.

Now I have a Nokia 105 as a second phone and it works great. Super light and also easy to use for basic things. It has no internet, the battery lasts a week and good old classic T9 typing.

Only annoying thing with it is that it comes with extra games that take up space in the menus but cost money to activate.

@freebliss Hi! not what you asked, but I use a Unihertz Jelly, which is a normal smartphone with Android 8, but smaller, with only a 2,45" screen. It's over 100 g though. Feel free to ask me about it.

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