I did not yet properly/officially announce my current game/theatre involvement: From June 19-27 in Vienna you can visit/play/take part in "Questionology — Programme for Applied Questioning", a hybrid game/theater environment at ZFF/Angewandte (Rustenschacherallee, Prater), where I am involved as the computer wizard/person (TM), sound designer and as a performer. It's free of charge but requires individual signup because of a very limited ticket run. brut-wien.at/en/Programme/Cale It's going to be something very special, we have a great crew, cast and venue and I am pretty positive that participating will be a fantastic experience for everyone. At the same time this is probably the last time in a long while that you will see me doing anything within (institutional) art, I'm just tired of all the egos, exploitation and whimsical nonsense in the space. Also I'll be finally back hacking on libre software again, starting july when I've got my life back. Can't wait to get back to work then!! \o/ See you then or at the questionology performances in two weeks! <3


Also very special thanks to everyone at LURK (and fedi) that provided input to my numerous research questions for the piece over the last year, I can wholeheartedly say that I learned a lot more here than I did working in/on the project itself — you people are awesome!

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