Are there interesting examples on the web for deliberate extreme video processing/compression techniques that address the ever-growing ecological impact of video streaming?

I'm specifically looking for general purpose approaches that use ubiquituous tech (e.g. gif, h264 coding, ascii video), not patent-pending AI facial reconstruction tech or handmade ASCII movies ;) - although if you have some completely out-of-the-box thoughts on the topic I'd be very curious to hear about them too!


Great pointer received from @ajroach42: The Small File Media Festival - (2021 edition is taking submissions until june 4th btw.!)

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@freebliss @ajroach42 did the 2020 version and i don't think i have anything to submit this yr but it was a cool festival to be a part of and enjoyed interacting with the both the ppl running it and the other participants 👍

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