Are there interesting examples on the web for deliberate extreme video processing/compression techniques that address the ever-growing ecological impact of video streaming?

I'm specifically looking for general purpose approaches that use ubiquituous tech (e.g. gif, h264 coding, ascii video), not patent-pending AI facial reconstruction tech or handmade ASCII movies ;) - although if you have some completely out-of-the-box thoughts on the topic I'd be very curious to hear about them too!

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@freebliss i really liked the talk that @praxeology & @entreprecariat had earlier this week. no video, only audio!

not all things need slides and faces, the radio format worked quite well for a lot of situations (and still does :)

There's research into the AV1 codec because in reduces the storage bottom line of the video hosters, but it might move the decoding (energy requirements) onto each viewers machine.


for general approach @gauthier (opting for lower resolution is still the best and least 'acceptable' approach imo)

then also check out the floppy films by @fcr

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