I added liqueur to my mechanical keyboard and managed to clog up one of the switches (which can only be soldered out for separate cleaning) ... are there any ninja tricks to de-clog a switch without taking it out? I'm vaguely pondering if I could heat up the switch (and surroundings) with a hairdryer so the goo maybe liquifies again and flows out? But maybe this is both futile and dangerous in that other parts start melting or deforming that shouldn't :D

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@fortifieduniverse @viennawriter @maikek @hanser @le_ArthurDent Mostly success! Switch was largely unstuck within 30 or so seconds of applying IPA while toggling the switch. It's not back to mint condition, in fact while writing this the key action got more rigid again, but I can use the key again for now, that's the critical success anyhow. :) Thanks again everyone for replying and boosting, you helped me out a great deal! \(^ヮ^)/

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@freebliss did you try flooding the switch with IPA several times?

@fortifieduniverse haha would fit the theme after my initial blooper though :) it's a great idea, haven't got any at home but it sounds like a smooth ride - this would dissolve the sticky stuff (ideally) and then neatly evaporate, right?

@freebliss yes... i've used it to re-liquify and flush out various gunks from places like that before. it won't hurt any of the electronics or plastics. it's used when soldering to clean up flux residue.

@freebliss and as soon as i thought about it for a second, i realized "IPA" fit your meme, also. :-) so... i wanted to clarify so you knew i was serious.

@fortifieduniverse :) IPA follows me around these days, just recently I learned it's also the International Phonetic Alphabet, maybe that's what I would have tried next, phonetic exposure therapy for clogged up switches haha

@freebliss heh. is that anything like yelling at it hard enough that it unclogs?

@fortifieduniverse yep and making sure one applies the appropriate phonemes for the key in question of course, so /slaʃ/ in my case :D

@fortifieduniverse resonant frequency and all ... you know the drill as a musician ;)

@freebliss the swearing and the phonemes are just to get you into the right energetic place, so that you elicit the appropriate resonant frequencies...

got it. i think we're onto something here!

@freebliss liqueur means sugar imho, so i wouldn't heat it up because this might result in hardening rather than liquefying. Perhaps better to use distilled water with a cotton swab?

@maikek oh yes fully agree with your hypothesis! :) i'll add distilled water to the list of solutions - isopropyl alcohol is now on it as well already, i'm quite positive either of the two will help. thanks a lot for the ideas!

"Soak" the key in highly concentrated (99.9%) isopropanol
while pressing the Button continuously. You can get e.g. 5l for as little as 18€ online - only an example - smaller amounts also possible ;)

It will dry without residue and is very useful for cleaning electronics in general.

I would stay away from your heating idea.

@hanser cool thanks a lot, IPA it will be as it's been suggested twice already now! I'll start a little smaller though, 5l seems like a multiple lifetimes supply at my currently moderate liqueur keyboard spill rate :)

@freebliss @hanser please open several windows when you do it and don't smoke. Isopropanol is highly volatile and flammable.

@freebliss @hanser Oh and btw since you clogged your keys with sugar. I am not sure how well ispopropanol dissolves sugar. But to be sure you could first soak your keyboard in warm water, press all the keys multiple times, drain it as well as you can and then use isopropanol. Isopropanol also dissolves water, so it will help avoid any corrosion and help it dry properly. But please be careful with it.

@le_ArthurDent hey thanks appreciate the thoughtful health advice, i'll take extra care! it's really just one clogged up switch, so I'll try applying IPA and/or water locally, I think it should reach the affected crevices quite well without bathing the whole keyboard. fingers crossed :)

@freebliss You're very welcome. A while ago I nerded myself into mechanical key switches and found several interesting comparison sites - in case you'll have to exchange it, maybe this will help.

@fortifieduniverse @maikek @hanser @le_ArthurDent

@viennawriter yay that's a great overview thanks! the mentioned hot-swappable switches are definitely something i'll be closely looking at if and when i need a new keyboard at some point :)

@freebliss @viennawriter @maikek @hanser @le_ArthurDent
Awesome! Glad the IPA worked! It's generally a miracle for flushing out or cleaning any sorts of gunked up electronics. You might just keep flushing it out periodically and i bet things work back out to near-mint-enough over time.

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