In there really is no way to have box select (dragging a rectangle to select objects) behave such that a partial intersection of the selection rectangle with the object('s vertices) includes it in the selection, is that right?

(Background: I always struggle with inkscape's box select behavior, but for years thought there is probably a toggle somewhere and I will look it up someday when I'm not lazy, and now someday has come and it's beginning to dawn on me that maybe there really is only the default box select behavior /o\)


Box select by partial intersection is coming in Inkscape 1.1 as I just discovered in the draft releases notes [1], aaawesome. \(^▽^)/ In general there are a number of exciting additions in 1.1 and the Release Candidate is out now [2] for public testing!



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@freebliss hahaha, that's excellent. Write more software wishes, perhaps they will come true! 🦄🧙‍♀️🔮🧙✨

@wendy we all know how the classic tale "Protagonist finds miraculous loophole in the fabric of reality, things seem too good to be true, still s/he does it again (and again, ...)" always ends though ;) I guess I better not push my luck haha

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