Dealing with recurrent distracting and/or emotionally distressing emails in a long term project 

Over the past months I've made various attempts to introduce project collaboration tools and practices from tech in a theater project I'm involved with. For various reasons all went pretty much nowhere, and I've now (~7 weeks to premiere) accepted that my collaborators will keep using/abusing my email inbox as an 1) issue tracker 2) brainstorming dump 3) calendar and 4) team chat, at random and all at the same time.

So out of necessity I've now for the first time ever started strict rule-based filtering of my email inbox, basically: "if $FROM in $DISTRACTORS[] then mark as read and move to folder 'distractions'".

This essentially keeps their incoming emails completely out of sight and out of mind, letting me check them whenever _I_ feel like it, and not ever e.g. accidentally in the middle of the night when I really only want to check my inbox for a verification email from steam or whatever.

Additionally, whatever they send me I harvest for personally actionable and relevant items and only these I put down in a structured form in my own tasklist - the rest gets purged on the spot. (no one reads that stuff again anyway)

Looking forward to peace of mind and evaluating the effects in the coming weeks. :)

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