Blender's wider ecosystem has now finally completed its descent into the capitalist cesspool. \o/

For a while already I've been getting unsolicited spam from companies that scraped my address from (RIP). Initially these still made an attempt to look personal and at least feigned some interest in professional exchange and feedback in addition to just offering products. Just recently now I received one that was just a faceless marketing page and in response confronted them about it harshly: Replying, they claimed to have obtained my address from the CRM of another company they aquired (bollocks of course as I'm not on a single commercial newsletter), and when asked which company that was, declined to disclose the name because the person answering suppposedly "didn't have permission" (yeah, right). Judging from their meager online offering it doesn't even look like they're in a position to acquire any business really, which makes it all the more absurd.

So in effect that's where we're at now again: People who talk nice when they think they can sell you something and spit in your face when the time comes to show decency and stature. I keep my fingers crossed these clowns don't erode the core of the community anytime soon. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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