@raboof Yay Deventer is getting bigger and bigger on my mental map! First a painting application, now a window manager, who knows what's coming out of Deventer next - awesome! :) Btw. @hack42 looks amazing, what a great building \o/

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@freebliss @hack42 :D you're welcome to visit if you're ever in the neighborhood!

@freebliss @hack42 actually we're moving out of the huge white building. Luckily we already have a new location where we can be housed long-term, but unfortunately the lockdown situation means our (serious) renovation activities are rather delayed... it will be amazing though!

@raboof @hack42 ah i see :) good you found a new location though! at my local hackerspace we've been renovating the library when corona struck (still not done haha), but truthfully we were already constantly delaying even before corona had started ... xD

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