Email provider recommendations anyone? I'm thinking about getting a dedicated (and paid) email-only provider (primarily because I find it creepy that my provider does not support 2FA to protect against getting locked out of my own email account). Currently contemplating, but super happy about other ideas or general thoughts on the topic!

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@wendy hey thanks - definitely thumbs up for coop! in this case i'd first need to up my language game though. :)

@pixouls i'm also in the habit of periodically deleting my posts btw. ;) (maybe i should mention that on my profile as well hehe)

@freebliss I’ve been using Posteo for around 8 years now and never had any issues, their support is super helpful as well. However I am currently migrating to - they have similar privacy policies and such, but they offer much more features than Posteo, the most important imo being custom domains and server-side encryption. Posteo’s offering hasn’t changed at all during all this time, seems to try to keep up with current security and privacy developments.

@morph uh that looks nice too! i was somewhat considering the absence of custom domain support as a positive thing too (as in: relieves me of the vanity choice i have to make, and it's kinda classic and down to earth to just have the service provider domain too :D), but thinking about migrating, having the option to transparently migrate from provider to provider in the future sounds like a very, very good point to consider actually. thanks a lot for putting that back on the table!

@freebliss I was considering myself managed mailcow - - which is about 50 euro a year and based in Europe, but woukd be happy to hear if others had experience with it. Protonmail and Tutanota come with lots of non-standard stuff that complicate using external clients.. I get why, but long term not for me. Posteo does not have custom domains.. I get their point, but also long term not for me.

@g haven't heard of it so far - thanks for yet another option! :) @morph mentioned, which also looks quite cool and might fit your requirements too - very similar to posteo (i.e. external clients supported), plus custom domain support!

@freebliss @morph Right, doesn't look bad, and for folks who like to keep their mailbox small, it's also really cheap. With mailcow the expectation would however be that additional costs would go to the support of the open source, self-hostable version, which they promote very clearly. Good to have some options, I'll definitely switch one way or the other later this year.

@freebliss I’m very happy with ProtonMail. Although you cannot directly use third party mail clients I’m content with using theirs as they are well designed.

@freebliss Using Runbox for ca 1.5 years and quite happy about it. Don't know about 2FA, and the web app is a bit slow compared to gmail, but I prefer to use Thunderbird anyways.

@eriknatanael nice - haven't see
n them yet, thanks for this suggestion!

@freebliss for now I am testing and You surely will find good resource at the FSF I am following your thread it is interesting.

I forgot about mailo. It looks privacy/family friendly without the high price of proton and tutanota

@lps I chose it because it gives gratis IMAP feature so I can immediately pair my email client to it.

For Protonmail, Tutanota, Fastmail, unfortunately I don't find gratis IMAP.


@ademalsasa thank you for the suggestions and for boosting - lots of great alternatives streaming in! :)

@freebliss what a honest comment I love that. You are welcome, friend!

@freebliss if you need an encrypted email service, I'd advise you ProtonMail or Tutanota. If you don't need encrypted mail, I'd suggest Migadu. Migadu is very, very good. I've been using it for around three years and I'm really very satisfied with their service. Their approach to email is a bit different, but it makes sense and you get an email service without any storage limit and is not that expensive either.

@joaopinheiro Ooh thanks a lot! Migadu is a fantastic suggestion - I really like their alternative approach and how honest and down to earth they are about their business!

@selea Love their different approach, thanks for the recommendation! :)

@selea @freebliss Migadu is THE only mail provider we need if you ask me.

@mgrondin in the spirit of de-monopolization i'll have to disagree with that ;) but yes, it's indeed a fantastic offering (i have meanwhile signed up and from the inside it looks every bit as good as from the outside, i'm delighted!) @selea


> in the spirit of de-monopolization

I can agree with that. Guess what i was saying is short of self-hosting migadu is what a mail provider should be like. No BS no over promising


@freebliss Protonmail

If you are not sure about their service they offer a free and limited service.

@freebliss . They've done some really innovative work in the areas of usability and privacy.

@freebliss protonmail is nice. They have support for encryption.


Disroot or RiseUp if you want lots of privacy.

Posteo and Dismail in second tier.

Elude is supposed to be good.

Protonmail isn't as private as it could be, they have even admitted themselves in their privacy statements and when interviewed that there are things that will have to change.

@joaopinheiro @freebliss they are transparent is all. They use a tool for analytics and say so in their policy, so you can imagine they can collect some info on the user and they are open about it. They can also collect information from emails and they are transparent about it. They promise that they do not use the information. That is the main deal the last time I read about it. And of course there is a captcha to sign up...

@freebliss Also using Migadu, very happy and works well for my basic needs.

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