I'm more and more at my wits end of how to purchase mainstream digital audio: All I want is pay for a folder of mp3s/flacs. All I'm offered is stock remainder meatspace wares (CDs) and streaming subscriptions. But yeah I get it, let's eradicate people's ownership of anything and everything digital and replace it with arbitrarily revokable on-demand access through centralized corporate infrastructure. Good job content industry, keep up the dick moves!

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I'm with you!
Dont know how feasible this is, but could you ask the artists directly?
Like "hey I like you music, just not the way of distribution - if I send you 10 € , would you send me an mp3 download link?"

( I like #Bandcamp for kind of working like this, but I have seen you are aware if it (actualy, that hashtag is how I found you ☺) and its not a solution to yout problem.)

@joachim_kreativ Asking directly is a great suggestion! Some years ago I got in touch with a band from germany in an attempt to buy their discography - I sent the money directly via SEPA, they sent files, and on top of that a t-shirt and stickers, and when they came touring to vienna we partied all night :) ... maybe even if a band offers their stuff online one should ask directly anyway so these things happen haha!

Lately a lot of the stuff I can't obtain is from big american composers and such (the indie people nowadays usually are very keen on making their stuff available also for download via bandcamp), so as a last resort, youtube-dl often works out, if they won't let me buy ... :)

Thanks for getting in touch and the suggestion, great reminder! :)

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