Ventured out to find a peertube instance to host my own videos on. The only instance where I felt I would roughly fit in and which doesn't look like it's going to randomly disappear tomorrow turned out to already have conspiracy theorists on board, so much for that ... Will get a VPS and whip up a self-hosted instance.

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TIL how to set up a peertube instance. \o/ Took me 2-3h net time including purchasing and configuring a VPS. Framasoft definitely did a good job at making this very approachable!

My aim for this ephemeral instance is merely to build operative know-how to build upon and share with peers, and possibly to record and publish some video content if I feel like it. :) (i.e. no federation or service provider aspirations for this one, but maybe the next!)

I've uploaded a sloppy drawing timelapse to celebrate the occasion. Yay!

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@freebliss Always curious to know which instances people have looked at. Also, be aware that an instance can show videos from many different instances. Unless you look under "Local videos".

@wonderingdane Hey sure, in my research I was only really drawn towards (I understand they are part of your alliance - great to see cooperation and mutual support happening!), all other instances that matched my fields of interest were either very french-centric (I love french, but don't speak it), or country-focused (I generally don't associate myself much with nationality, associating with a country I'm not even in, given they allow that, seemed a bit awkward anyway). Thanks for the heads up regarding local videos - I was already specifically looking there when I found the videos that put me off unfortunately.

@freebliss It really isn't easy to choose an instance. Something the PeerTube Alliance is trying to mitigate by using generic PeerTube domains (aka, etc.) and not limiting content to specific themes.

It is not as much country-specific as it is for moderation and geographical location. The closer you are to the server, the better performance. If you lived in Denmark it would make sense to choose an instance near you, like peertube.DK.

@wonderingdane Yeah I think with the PTA you're actually doing very important work to lower the barrier for people to enter the peertube world (thanks for that definitely! also I just realized my original post came off quite grumpy although that was not the intention at all, sorry if it did ;))

Good news anyhow, just 10 minutes ago I uploaded my first video to my freshly set-up, self-hosted peertube instance! Not yet an instance that will federate or aim for anything really, but the first brick to build know-how and operative practice and next year I'll see where I want to take it. :)

@freebliss Thanks! And no worries. You didn't come off grumpy :D

Great to hear you got your own instance up and running.

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