Can anyone recommend an issue-tracker-like tool/platform that is well suited also for non software projects?

In concrete terms I'm collaborating with two artists and we're coordinating around the development of an interactive, theatrical piece, including sound, performance, design, space planning, technology ... so looking for something rather generic, needn't be a perfect specialized thing of any kind.

Only looking for free/libre and potentially self-hostable solutions, naturally. :) Thanks for any pointers!

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@letterus @freebliss here's what I found:

OpenProject is here

NextCloud Deck is here

Wow, they are wonderful. Thanks, Johannes.

@ademalsasa was also recommended to me meanwhile - I find this one particularly cool because it (and any of its numerous plugins) can be installed in <1min (!) on any php-capable host (*°▽°*)

@freebliss beautiful! You reminded me to Framasoft. Bookmarked once again instantly. Thanks.

@letterus @ademalsasa oh yes - two fantastic options, thanks a lot! ps.: librechurch looks really cool as well - drück euch die daumen dass das ein voller erfolg wird/bleibt und das modell schule macht! :)

@freebliss @ademalsasa Hrhr, thank you for your kind reply! It‘s quite successful. We‘re just missing (wo)manpower to get more work done. But well... 😉

@freebliss hey, I think a visual Kanban style board is handy for this kind of project, and I have already used the #nextcloud "deck" app for this, together with a shared directory ... this is more visual than a classical issue tracker so in my experience easier for non coders

@Olm_e that looks fabulous, also the consideration re. better approachability of the visual card metaphor is great. thanks a lot! we're even already using a libre *cloud from the university we're affiliated with but alas it's owncloud haha (can't have everything ... ;D)

@joak i love the unconventional approach but i have a hard time with mediawiki in general :D

@freebliss kanboard (developed by the same guy who makes the miniflux feed reader)

@jboy i'm in love with the installation instructions :) very cool suggestion, totally on point, thanks so much!!

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