GPG-based, minimal password manager "sicuit" is now available on Arch Linux's AUR \o/

I'll be looking into copy-to-clipboard functionality as well as transitioning from mostly reliable beta to officially stable in the coming weeks.

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@freebliss I use "pass" for this use case. What does sicuit offer that might entice me over?

@vincent I've written a rationale on sicuit that describes how it differs from pass (both the pros and cons) here: In a nutshell sicuit is more thorough on privacy (that's a fact), and more coherent and puristic in its data storage and interaction model (that's my subjective view and taste, might be the opposite for others, and validly so). On a technical level pass is "just" a shell script, sicuit a compiled application, so it can implement all functionality natively (e.g. copy-to-clipboard) instead of relying on external applications (e.g. xclip). Either way pass is also fantastic (been a long term user too), sicuit is merely a different take on it, perfecting aspects that I personally found lacking or problematic in pass. Thank you for your question, this really helps me figure out how to communicate sicuit better! :)

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