Hosting provider question: I occasionally need to host small, self-written, lightweight applications for tiny audiences (well below 100 users at peak time). Currently rust/node/postgres-ish stack but would love to just be flexible and be able to install and run whatever. Currently I'm looking at linode - are there better options you would recommend? I tested hosting on a pi from home but I abandoned that because my home connection and the ISP provided router proved too unreliable. Super happy about any suggestions!

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@freebliss Have you checked out uberspace? Sound like they should be able to match your usecase..

@freebliss Sounds like any PaaS VPS will do. I use Hetzner cloud a lot because they are ridiculously cheap, work reliable, and they have online forms for generating data processing agreements.

I guess there are a couple of services like this, if you find an affordable one which worth supporting I'd be interested to hear about it.

@uniq cool thanks, even looked at hetzner this morning but I failed to recognize the service I'm looking for is called "cloud" there (which I apparently intuitively skipped and disregarded). :D

I was just earlier also pointed to which is much less flexible and less high-endsy, but sounds very support worthy.

@freebliss je nachdem wie klein: Angebote sind hit and miss, aber hab 2 VPS Dinger für 1.50 im Monat und das seit Jahren ohne Schwierigkeiten

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