Will be giving at talk at the "Movies that Matter & the Asser Institute workshop on the Global Justice Cinema" on 22-23 April 2021. For those interested, registration is here : bit.ly/3g64bc9

Happy to announce 2 new PhD positions for the ERC project @securityvision : universiteitleiden.nl/vacature Looking for candidates with a proven track record in research and filmmaking, interested in the politics of computer vision.

Our collective discussion 'Toward a Critique of Algorithmic Violence' is now out in with International Political Sociology. Written by Rocco Bellanova, Kristina Irion, Katja Lindskov Jacobsen, @francesco Ragazzi, Rune Saugmann & Lucy Suchman we foreground questions of algorithmic violence | academic.oup.com/ips/article/1

tired: crypto pump and dump
wired: vaccine pump and dump

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Optical governance: The Roles of Machine Vision in China’s Epidemic Response — Strelka Mag https://strelkamag.com/en/article/optical-governance via @SanNuvola@twitter.com FYI @FelixTreguer@twitter.com

« Séparatisme » : et si la politique antiterroriste faisait fausse route ? Notre contribution au débat sur l'antiterrorisme, la lutte contre la radicalisation et les discriminations avec des chiffres! Avec Sarah Perret Stephan Davidshofer & Amal Tawfik [Our contribution to the current debate on alleged Muslim "separatism" in France] theconversation.com/separatism

il 6 novembre 1995 (25 anni fa) veniva occupato il teatro dell'Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna. nasceva il TPO.

una trasmissione su radio3 ne ha ripercorso la storia con le voci dei protagonisti.

potete ascoltarla qui:

“Given that the loans are personally guaranteed by Trump, if he is no longer in office and cannot repay them or refinance, Deutsche Bank could foreclose and seize his assets, two of the officials told Reuters.”


Really pleased that I decided to host my own course website instead of solely relying on my university's learning-management system, because two students have already told me they're locked out of the LMS for unexplained reasons.

Plus I can keep the site under version control and don't have to bother with stupid web interfaces. Publishing a few version is just a `make publish` away!


One more position: part-time project manager on the SECURITY VISION project. Could be very interesting for people with experience in documentary film production. Please share! universiteitleiden.nl/vacature

Second position: Post-Doc Researcher in the ERC-funded project Security Vision. 4-year position. Deadline 15 July. Looking for interdisciplinary profiles working on critical security themes through visual methods (filmmaking). Please circulate! universiteitleiden.nl/vacature

Looking for a PhD candidate for the ERC-funded project Security Vision. 4 years, funded position. Deadline 15 July. Looking for interdisciplinary profiles, interested in critical security themes through digital / new media practices. Please circulate! universiteitleiden.nl/vacature

Arggh. Very long moments of frustration trying to install a Debian testing chroot, `debootstrap` blamed `systemd` via `dpkg`:

Detected unsafe path transition / -> /var during canonicalization of /var/log/journal.

Turns out it was user error: I had to have the target directory owned by root:root *before* invoking debootstrap (I'm fairly sure it worked with regular `mkdir` at some point in the past...).

This is so I can use `VARResults.simulate_var()`, the version of python3-statsmodels in Buster is too old to support it. VAR being vector autoregression, which I'm hoping to use for sound analysis and generation.

@sl007 Thanks for your message Sebastian. Unfortunately my German is limited to 2 years in high school :) But yes, I will certainly post updates on this project here. Curious about your work in this field too!

Interesting read : Acts of digital parasitism: Hacking, humanitarian apps and platformisation /
Claudia Aradau, Tobias Blanke, Giles Greenway


Curious to hear about reactions here

Hi all - I'm new here so an / is due. I'm a political sociologist working with film on matters of , & from a critical perspective. I'll soon be starting a new collective research and film project on the politics of in the field of security.


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