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Since a lot has happened lately, it could be a good time to re-do an / .

As a political sociologist I work with text, digital methods & film on matters of , & , from a critical perspective.

I currently run the project @securityvision on the politics of computer vision with amazing media artists/designers/visual anthropologists: Ruben van de Ven (@r), Cyan Bae, Ildikó Plájás & Elka Smith.

At Leiden University I'm trying to promote research through making (, , & other methods) at @recntr, together with Mark Westmoreland and Julian Ross.

I geek out on photo & cinema & as well as and , although more from the outside. Working on my first "hello world" in

I'm likely to post on

Nov 24 | 18:00- 20:00 | Schouwburgstraat Building | Leiden University

This Thursday, filmmakers Sasha Litvintseva and Beny Wagner will discuss their current work in progress My Want of You Partakes of Me, which explores the complexity of incorporation as a physical, perceptual and psychological foundation of being.

This event is open to the public.

Register here:

Find out more about this event:

🎥 Next Wednesday 🎥 Film screening: Constant | 20:00 | Nov 23 | LAB111 | Amsterdam

Get tickets here:

More info on our website:

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@acousticmirror @praxeology The best way to make this happen would be if the UI did this by default.

Mastodon Tip 

@gunther Open source software to grab citations and resources from online

⚠️ Confirmed: Live network data show that social media platforms Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook have been restricted in #Turkey after a deadly explosion in #Taksim, Istanbul; authorities issued a broadcast ban following the incident

📰 Report:

About an hour ago there was an explosion in İstiklal Street, #Istanbul. According to the early information and images there were several casualties and likely a bomb dropped in a bag.

But right now we can’t have more information because government media watchdog banned any news about it and according to my OONI Probe test results from couple mins ago, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube access is blocked in #Turkey.

Is another instance basically unmoderated, full of annoying accounts? cough GFX bots cough

You're not stuck blocking them one by one, you can block the entire instance if you feel like it's doing more harm than good.

In extreme cases, your friendly local instance admin can also apply an instance-wide block to keep it comfy for everyone, so do report posts that break your local instance rules!

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Postdoc in participation and digital citizenship at SHAPE, Aarhus University

Come to work with us!!

Deadline 1 Feb 2023

I love trashfuture but this last episode's critique of degrowth is so disappointingly played out. degrowth is "malthusian" and wants poor countries to starve? degrowth has no redistributive aspects??? very big "well how are you going to PAY for it, socialist" energy for a leftist pod

Hey there! I'm Camille/Lime, I'm from France.

I've been around the fediverse since 2017 and the Lurk community since 2018.

I'm a backend/software developer, a VJ/visualist and DJ.

I like to dig many different fields such as linguistics, computer science and chemistry.

Nice to meet y'all!

On November 17 (16.00-17.30h) the Research on Research Institute #RoRI organizes its next 'culture shift' seminar. In her talk Christen A. Smith will explore "the revolutionary possibilities and the political stakes of citation as a radical Black feminist praxis" and will consider how "we can redress inequality through a radical engagement with citation as not only intellectual practice but also as political intervention." Register now!

Does anyone know the history of Code of Conduct documents. I've never really thought of it before as the idea of them seems like such a common sense thing but I realize, like all ideas, it has to have a history. Does anyone know that history or know of a place I could read about it?

An interesting educational game. Become a world planner trying to mitigate the climate crisis while keeping people content

To everyone who recently joined, here is a little re- !

ReCNTR is an interdisciplinary research centre focused on promoting and in and the at

The centre is premised on the acknowledgement of a “post-textual turn” in our disciplines, and ambitions to promote practices of in a novel economy of knowledge production.

It is aimed at bringing together researchers around the idea that making – as in , , , etc. – are forms of thinking, and thus important methodologies for social science and humanities.

“Making” is not understood as separate from, or in dialogue with, scientific work, but as a practice and methodology of scientific work.

It is run by Francesco Ragazzi (@francesco), Julian Ross & Mark Westmoreland. Our website is:

This account will advertise our events and boost content that is related to our themes. Don't hesitate to mention us / get in touch if you are interested in collaborating!

I might write about this in greater detail at a later point, but, given it's an opportune moment to share this at the onset of winter (around these parts): I gave it a try, and yes, Hot Water Bottles really are the awesome, cosy, crazy efficient personal heating system claimed in this piece:

Any other year by this time it would be heating season for me already, even more so because I live in a rented, run-down old viennese flat with doors and windows so warped that you can almost peek through some of the gaps around the frame. Not so this year. I'm sitting at my desk in my still entirely unheated flat, delightedly chilling with my hot water bottle. :) Preliminary readings already point towards substantial efficiency gains (well, no surprises there), I'm collecting data and hands-on experience on a daily basis now. Takeaway: Try this at home!

Bonustrack: If you enjoyed this toot thus far, you might also be interested in (more practical inspiration) and (a wider historical and cultural perspective on all of this) and in following @rra and @cblgh, aka. the friendly folks who have been sharing this kinds of cool stuff before (cheers!). \o/


Wed | Nov 23 | 20:00 | Lab111, Amsterdam

Tickets on sale now:

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A fediverse community for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.

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