One more position: part-time project manager on the SECURITY VISION project. Could be very interesting for people with experience in documentary film production. Please share!

Second position: Post-Doc Researcher in the ERC-funded project Security Vision. 4-year position. Deadline 15 July. Looking for interdisciplinary profiles working on critical security themes through visual methods (filmmaking). Please circulate!

Looking for a PhD candidate for the ERC-funded project Security Vision. 4 years, funded position. Deadline 15 July. Looking for interdisciplinary profiles, interested in critical security themes through digital / new media practices. Please circulate!

Arggh. Very long moments of frustration trying to install a Debian testing chroot, `debootstrap` blamed `systemd` via `dpkg`:

Detected unsafe path transition / -> /var during canonicalization of /var/log/journal.

Turns out it was user error: I had to have the target directory owned by root:root *before* invoking debootstrap (I'm fairly sure it worked with regular `mkdir` at some point in the past...).

This is so I can use `VARResults.simulate_var()`, the version of python3-statsmodels in Buster is too old to support it. VAR being vector autoregression, which I'm hoping to use for sound analysis and generation.

Interesting read : Acts of digital parasitism: Hacking, humanitarian apps and platformisation /
Claudia Aradau, Tobias Blanke, Giles Greenway

Curious to hear about reactions here

Hi all - I'm new here so an / is due. I'm a political sociologist working with film on matters of , & from a critical perspective. I'll soon be starting a new collective research and film project on the politics of in the field of security.

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