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the design of this japanese Shinkansen train is brought to you by Lilac, Lupine, Lavender

mh also thought about this: how great it would be, if typewriting machines still would be produced today. I mean, imaging all the unicode glyphs available :thaenking: these old machines are very limited in characters.

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rainy sunday … continued with the typewriting stuff. i liked the idea from my first try with the textile pattern, so i continued a bit. I made some basic elements first and then merged them into a larger image on a grid. It’s more like a flying carpet now or wavy glitch something. I also used other glyphs that give it a more dense, textile like appearance (/, %, §). I didn’t want to in the first place, but things got very complicated VERY fast and i had to use a text-editor for composition and as template for typing line by line… :idle:

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📖 “Yes” “You” “Can”, Selected Writings by Al Razutis, Manchester: 2020

reading this beautiful book with writings of media artist Al Razutis. Many rants against academia and the capitalist (art) world, plus beautiful stills of his video work. i’m really into the handmade books of this small indie press:


i tidied up the front of my backyard a little bit. tidy frontyard messy backyard?

The Gucci guči intro with the tiny remote mic SUV made my week. :eyeless_thumbsup:

bibliogram direct links are not working sometimes, here’s a profile link… ah you know how to somehow get your instagram information without logging in, no?

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why did w3c branded those css examples like that? Why not
– XY type
– Tea
– Coffee

or something?? :unwanted_thinking:

Our heads are round like pixels so our thoughts can’t change direction

walking past the university of music on a saturday is pretty cool. birds seem to love the classic mashup as well

i just came across the Cherokee language (ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗ) for the first time, wow these are beautiful glyphs!

Ꮸ tsv
Ꭿ hi
Ꮉ ma
Ꮗ que
Ꮫ dv

„Mein ganzes Leben war Werbung, aber man sollte sich einmal dafür interessieren, wofür ich geworben habe.“ Und genau dafür interessiert sich die Kampagne „beuys behind the scenes“, die sich als kritische Ergänzung zum offiziellen „beuys2021“-Jahr versteht.

📡 A small book about votes, polls and surveys, tourist wildlife, digital couch life, flying money, stuck ships, earthquakes, shrugs and other fillth:

If all had voted against, the vote would have been negative.

sending out free copies all around the globe if you wish to receive one or we could do a zine swap 📨 💌 📨


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