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* remaining life will vary depending on the types of documents printed

📖 Brechtel, Werke der Schönschreibmeister (1573)
(works of the “beautiful writing” masters)

loads of swooshy calligraphy and then during digitization they found that someone scribbled a drawing beneath a dedication to the king, it shows a person fighting a goat (???)

try to read here:

trash horror 

i found this trash halloween monster mirror on a flea market (and still regret not buying it… the painting on the packaging is quite good)

📡 i added this new section drawings&prints on my website to archive some older stuff and make some room for more *not-bound/stapled-book-stuff* to come…

🗄️🗃️ guess i have to take a bus to Munich some day to visit the archive artist publications... opac link:

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📚 books books books

Miekal And, Why Publish Noise

Kunst Buch Werke (catalogue of the collection)

Thanks for the hint @liaizon :)

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📖 i got some artist books for the weekend from

Rebecca Thumb von Neuburg, Exhibition is Closed, 2016
(Pictures from broken/closed media art installations)

📖 “A Business Office in Open Air”

“Roger Babson and his staff work in the open air. As the thermometer often drops below the zero mark, the office force must be heavily clothed. The heavy woolen mittens make it impossible to operate the machines with speed, so two curved sticks are provided with which the keys are depressed. Good speed is thus attained.”


🔭 on my walk i took this female stag beetle a little bit with me :)

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