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oh snap! i haven’ŧ learned all the inkscape shortcuts yet, but this really annoyed me so i had to: when rotating objects and snapping is activated, it’s impossible to rotate without snapping to other objects. with SHIFT+5 (%) you can easily de-/activate the auto snap option.
took me >4 years to learn the shortcut for this, i only toot this to not forget!

…and probably will have to look it up again in 15min :thinkhappy:

:oh_no_bubble: i’ve only just learned about the asterism glyph! A small group of asterisks, used for minor breaks (so more or less decorative, a bit like the aldus leaf❦)

*** ↠ ⁂

,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||
,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||
,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||
,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||
,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||
,,,,,,,,,, ||||||||||

stapler drawing

our squirrel neighbors are still snacking on their winter supplies

🔭 visiting an old website with broken images but working javascript animation

📡 As part 3 of my little cyber ruins project i made a few book copies with screenshots from field research. I only have a monochrome laser printer, so i used three different types of paper to add some color. It has 40 pages, i think that’s nearly the maximum for staple binding and cutting with this old rusty machine i have… i have to find out how to sharpen the knife very soooon

Cyber Ruins (Part 3: Adjective+Noun)


Hello Fediverse! I’ve moved my account and am happy to join :)

so time for a re- i guess:

Hi, i’m Martin. I enjoy going on vague journeys through nature, cities, cyberspaces and everywhere in between. Along the way I collect all sorts of lost footage, fragments, broken images, scraps of content… and then reassemble them somehow into new scenarios. To have my own publishing space I maintain a small handwritten website with a messy backyard, guarded by a pixel cat, here: I’m easily fascinated by all space-universe-related things, cybernetic failures, the expanding fediverse and all kinds of printed-matter.

Welcome to, an instance for discussions around cultural freedom, experimental, new media art, net and computational culture, and things like that.