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why did w3c branded those css examples like that? Why not
– XY type
– Tea
– Coffee

or something?? :unwanted_thinking:

Our heads are round like pixels so our thoughts can’t change direction

walking past the university of music on a saturday is pretty cool. birds seem to love the classic mashup as well

i just came across the Cherokee language (ᏣᎳᎩ ᎦᏬᏂᎯᏍᏗ) for the first time, wow these are beautiful glyphs!

Ꮸ tsv
Ꭿ hi
Ꮉ ma
Ꮗ que
Ꮫ dv

📡 A small book about votes, polls and surveys, tourist wildlife, digital couch life, flying money, stuck ships, earthquakes, shrugs and other fillth:

If all had voted against, the vote would have been negative.

sending out free copies all around the globe if you wish to receive one or we could do a zine swap 📨 💌 📨


my first woven fabric 🐛
it’s fun and so nice to create fabrics! i should do some more weaving, have to look up though how to do pixel graphics with it… so only stripes for a start. i thought about keeping this first messy attempt, so i made a little website for it.

I received this beautiful work »Missing Piece« from @TQ by mail! Thank you so much, i love it! It arrived safely, not much traces from its short snail mail journey.

Usually i’m not much into framing art, but to show the idea of the missing parts i did here. Wonder who got the other postcards, where are the other collectors on the fediverse? @TQ still has some works of this series up for sale, go get one :100a: 🖤 :nes_fire:

Ooh what a nice color! Thanks for voting everyone! Happy Birthday

, the mixed you this color:

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Today’s reminds me why i moved to the
:drake_dislike: Find safe and interesting spaces on corporate social media
:drake_like: just join the fedi,

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