not sure if it exists yet… here’s my take on a geordi emoji. not sure if it will work in small size either… soo feel free to try and use it

@rra :thinkhappy: ?

📡 Prepare to dive with me in the meanders of a curve-bent geography.

MÄANDERTAL (meandering around meander valley)

✉️ sending out free copies to the fediverse all around the globe (dm me)
🖤 Special Thanks to @welshpixie for the beautiful cover calligraphy!


i’ve been exploring some critical zones of earth today in this exhibition:!/
many works are accessible online, if you want to visit

“Bacteria, fungi, algae... these Earth aliens are our relatives, our ancestors, and part of us.”
(Lynn Margulis)

the local radio @RDL did a live show on a cycle rickshaw during the climatestrike demonstration in freiburg yesterday. Found this other example of a radio rickshaw, that looks really weird.

Músical Aplausos (flashy gif) 

<3 the fediverse for all the online concerts played and shared

i printed invitations to my website/remote show and then realized i forgot to include the URL. :oh_no_bubble:

* remaining life will vary depending on the types of documents printed

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