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like this “apostle of cambridge” thing, elitist patriarchal “whaling”

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14:32 % a: Of W4I
The society is essentially a discussion group.

Meetings are held once a week, traditionally
on Saturday evenings, during which one
member gives a prepared talk on a topic,
which is later thrown open for discussion.

The usual procedure was for members to
meet at the rooms of those whose turn it was
to present the topic. The host would provide
refreshments consisting of coffee and
sardines on toast, called "whales".!2! Women
first gained acceptance into the society in the

The Apostles retain a leather diary of their
membership ("the book") stretching back to
its founder, which includes handwritten notes
about the topics on which each member has
spoken. It is included in the so-called "Ark",
which is a cedar chest containing collection
of papers with some handwritten notes from
the group's early days, about the topics
members have spoken on, and the results of
the division in which those present voted on

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14:33 & a: Of W4I
Undergraduates being considered for
membership are called "embryos" and are
invited to "embryo parties", where members
judge whether the student should be invited to
join. The "embryos" attend these parties
without knowing they are being considered for
membership. Becoming an Apostle involves
taking an oath of secrecy and listening to the
reading of a curse, originally written by
Apostle Fenton John Anthony Hort, the
theologian, in or around 1851.

Former members have spoken of the lifelong
bond they feel toward one another. Henry
Sidgwick, the philosopher, wrote of the
Apostles in his memoirs that "the tie of
attachment to this society is much the
strongest corporate bond which I have known

in my life."

Alfred Tennyson joined the Apostles in 1829,
probably through the invitation of his friend
Arthur Hallam./4! Bertrand Russell and G. E.
Moore joined as students, as did John

men thinking circles 

@fragmentscenario This is so absurd, it made me chuckle madly in my school office haha!

men thinking circles 

@fragmentscenario Also, drinking coffee WHILE eating sardines at the same time?!! What a gross collision of flavors haha.

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