🔊 Morusque, the end of music

“This album was made using the last note of many existing tracks as the only audio material.
Original tracks were picked at random on a hard drive and include a variety of styles, authors and ages.”

also many interesting things happening on the artist’s website:

@fragmentscenario I like this concept! A lot!
I did a project in a cultural centre where I recorded (in audio) all beginnings, going from language to dance courses, to meetings, to...

@wendy oh wow, is there any documentation of it? curious now about how it might differ from endings in general. to record the exact center of a piece could also be exciting

@fragmentscenario hey, it was an installation in physical space. But I've always wanted to make a webpage out of it. Time, o time!
It was a lot of fun, sneaking into all these different environments. Of course with the necessary protocol up front.

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