@fragmentscenario this one is so damn good. I think I already watched it twice

love the introduction with the utopia press residing in the garden

i didnt know the show, there are many more :think_starry_eyes:

@fragmentscenario every episode is a fucking treasure. and Tims new show is also incredible.

@fragmentscenario @liaizon w00t w00t
Tim Hunchin made new episodes on components!!
Thanks for bringing this up
I think my goal in life to be the eternal tinkerer is well reflected in his practice, but at a later stage in life..

My all time favourite is the sewing machine. It really made me fully understand them.

@fragmentscenario @wendy I thought the same, it seemed impossible that this wasn't recommended to me 1000 times already. I only discovered it earlier this year

@wendy @fragmentscenario tim seems like he lived a pretty ideal life. the amount of thing he made is just insane.

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