I received this beautiful work »Missing Piece« from @TQ by mail! Thank you so much, i love it! It arrived safely, not much traces from its short snail mail journey.

Usually i’m not much into framing art, but to show the idea of the missing parts i did here. Wonder who got the other postcards, where are the other collectors on the fediverse? @TQ still has some works of this series up for sale, go get one :100a: 🖤 :nes_fire:

@fragmentscenario Awww, love the framing! I'm very happy the work arrived safely, although more transport traces would have been cool.

@fragmentscenario @TQ Number 4 arrived safely today. :mastogrin: I like your frame idea a lot. I think mine will be centered on a black background instead. Have to try how it looks.

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