:oh_no_bubble: i’ve only just learned about the asterism glyph! A small group of asterisks, used for minor breaks (so more or less decorative, a bit like the aldus leaf❦)

*** ↠ ⁂

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@fragmentscenario It’s often used as a reference mark for footnotes, and it has an upside-down version as well.

I highly recommend “Shady Characters” by Keith Houston

quickly looked it up in an epub version of the Shady Characters. Sounds like the glyph was more a playful sidenote in type history. i like it even more now. And they could have used the asterism for the layout and decided not to, instead using boring *** :thinknyan:

i also checked the Bringhurst, Elements of Typographic Style and he doesn’t mention the ⁂ at all, however showing various * alternatives

@fragmentscenario Binghursts’s book is good. I read it few years ago, but there were some errors (can’t remember now what exactly). I've made a list of books worth reading, including typography and book making:

I can help to find some of them ;)

oh beautiful list, also storm type is one of my favourite foundries :))
as you had some german titles on the list as well, i found one very important book missing. “Detailtypografie” by Forssman/De Jong is the most complete compendium about all the “rules”, Do’s and Don’ts of microtypographic questions. It really got me through my design studies and helps a lot working with publishers, editors, authors… not sure if there is an english version of the book… aaand they also didn’t mention the asterism ;-)

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