@fragmentscenario @zine very cool!
I was planning on making a book with a wooden binding. It's possible, I saw at least one before, but do you have an idea or tips on how to do that?

@fragmentscenario @zine and to make it even more difficult: I want to retain the natural bark of the wood. I'm thinking of birch at the moment.

not sure if i can follow you on that idea, you want a wooden hardcover attached to the book block? but maintaining the bark and natural form of birch wood is quite difficult, as trees don’t grow in plate form but cylindric. Maybe cover thin wooden plates with bark and attach as front and back cover to the book block, leaving out the spine. Or use a different binding method, try a search on japanese binding. Or maybe going back in history and try something like the egypt palmleave-books?

@fragmentscenario thanks for the tip :)

It's even worse. In my head, the binding of the book is (covered with) birch bark. Front and back are plain wood.

I saw something similar, they were using wood as cover and had a leather binding. Did look good as well and might be an idea for a first shot. But maybe without the leather.


That is really cute, and I've always wondered how people do it! Thank you! :D

@fragmentscenario @zine

That's brilliant. I make all my notebooks and so this great.

And it's really detailed. Nice work.

@fragmentscenario @zine
Holy shit this comes at EXACTLY the right time, I wanted to freshen up my bookbinding skills (used to work as a librarian, but that was three years ago) so I can make myself new notebooks.

yay curious to see your results and approach to it! there are so many different binding techniques but for notebooks i found myself stuck at this basic softcover, bc the format is quite handy, binding strong and everyone has like 12 sheets of a4 paper left over somewhere…

@fragmentscenario This definitely resembles the technique I've learned. Excited to get back into this, it's such a relaxing craft.

@fragmentscenario @zine good tutorial. Today I got the tools and made one. Not the prettiest but its my first selfmade notebook. For the cover I used a photo calendar, the sheets are recycled office paper. Kinda proud. Feels good to use your hands to make something. 😇 #diy #papercraft

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