📡 As part 3 of my little cyber ruins project i made a few book copies with screenshots from field research. I only have a monochrome laser printer, so i used three different types of paper to add some color. It has 40 pages, i think that’s nearly the maximum for staple binding and cutting with this old rusty machine i have… i have to find out how to sharpen the knife very soooon

Cyber Ruins (Part 3: Adjective+Noun)


@fragmentscenario @zine you're making me thinking about making a zine so just so I swap it with you

@fragmentscenario this is lovely and makes me want to make some zines its been a little while.

@fragmentscenario @zine

my days! your website fragment scenario is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love your work and concept! Beautiful! Thanks so much for that!

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